Fresh Meat: Bad Blood by Dana Stabenow

Bad Blood by Dana Stabenow
Bad Blood by Dana Stabenow
Bad Blood by Dana Stabenow is the 20th in the Alaskan series of Kate Shugak mysteries (available February 25, 2013).

One hundred years of bad blood between the villages of Kushtaka and Kuskulana come to a boil when the body of a young Kushtaka ne’er-do-well is found wedged in a fish wheel. Sergeant Jim Chopin’s prime suspect is a Kuskulana man who is already in trouble in both villages for falling in love across the river. But when the suspect disappears, members of both tribes refuse to speak to Jim. When a second murder that looks suspiciously like payback occurs, Jim has no choice but to call in Kate Shugak for help. This time, though, her Park relationships may not be enough to sort out the truth hidden in the tales of tragedy and revenge.

In this very special serving of Fresh Meat, one of Dana Stabenow’s fans shares her favorite elements from Bad Blood, Stabenow’s latest novel. Read her thoughts, then enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win a copy of your own!

Against the backdrop of the fiercely beautiful wilds of Alaska, within a rich geological and cultural context, Dana Stabenow masterfully weaves a tale of love and rivalry, hatred and murder. Her descriptions of the Alaskan wilds fire up my imagination and leave me awestruck:

By luck of the geologic draw, the land across the river remained largely undisturbed by the earthquake, remaining a flat marsh covered in thick grass, cattails, and Alaskan cotton. Over time, glacial silt carried downriver filled in the marsh, and alder, diamond willow, and cottonwood grew out to the water’s edge. The force of the combined currents of river and stream undercut the banks to provide habitat for river otters, mink, and marten, and carved tributaries to be dammed by beavers and colonized by salmon.

Driven by her unswerving sense of justice, Kate and her trusty partner, Mutt, wade into the mire of feuding families, to help trooper Jim break through the walls of resistance and silence to discover the truth. On a rare joint visit to Anchorage, Jim and Kate have an opportunity to reunite after a long separation. They go for a run and during their jog back to the town house their playfulness and banter begin to warm me and charge my expectations for their time alone, which never disappoints:

The horseplay lasted all the way home, four interminable, exquisite miles of kisses and caresses and Mutt nipping at their heels. They were impervious to the looks they got, both envious and condemnatory, and by the time they got back to the town house, Jim had a hard time fitting the key in the door.

Wow, I really love this author! Ms. Stabenow has once again shown why she is so deserving of the awards she continues to win.

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Janet Ghilarducci is a voracious reader who enjoys mysteries and thrillers of all varieties.


  1. Katherine Marion

    Truly would love to have the new Kate in my hands!

  2. L L

    Sounds like a nice series

  3. Linda Unruh

    Have recently learned about the Kate Shugak series and begun to read the books. I’d love to win a copy of this one

  4. Gordon Bingham

    Have enjoyed her books for some time & have recently introduced her to my wife who is happily working her way through this series.

  5. Karen Barnett

    A new author for me – yah!!

  6. Margit Curtright

    I love these books!

  7. Connie Schultz

    This looks like an exciting Alaskan adventure.

  8. Kat Emerick

    Would love to read it.

  9. Jessica Jones

    Oh, man! I’m a huge fan of Ms. Stabenow’s novels!! I can’t wait to read her latest!

  10. Kay

    Sounds like a great read! Would love to find out!

  11. Barbara

    Love everything abouth Alaska!

  12. Andrew Kuligowski

    I stumbled upon Dana and Kate (and friends) while prepping for a vacation to Alaska. I’ll never forget the trip, and the memory stays with me, but I haven’t had opportunity to return as yet.

    On the other hand, Kate and friends pay me a visit every year! Looking forward to # 20, Dana!!

  13. ravensfan

    Congrats to Donna Stabenow on your book! Would love to win a copy.

  14. Maggie T

    I haven’t found a Kate Shugak book yet that I haven’t loved!!
    I feel like I’ve been to Alaska after reading all Dana Stabenow’s books- great imagery- kudos.
    I’ve got this book on preorder but would love to win a copy!!

  15. Michael Kelberer

    Sounds like a good one!

  16. Patricia Fultz

    Look forward to reading another Stabenow novel

  17. Angela Dyrcz

    I love series and this looks like a great one!

  18. Stayce Leuck

    I usually don’t read long series because I tend to burn out on the characters after five or six books. Not so with this series. I’m the proud owner of nineteen Kate Shugak novels, as well as all the short stories. I’ve devoured each and every one of them and can’t wait to get my hands on number twenty!

  19. Joyce Mitchell

    I love Dana Stabenow, both her Kate Shugak & Liam Campbell series. Thanks for the great review & chance to win.

  20. William Hamilton

    Kate Shugak rocks! Look forward to her latest.

  21. Jean

    I love her books & hope to win this one.

  22. Heather Martin

    These characters have lasted for a reason.

  23. Andrew Beck

    I love books, particularly mysteries, that introduce me to unexpected and unfamiliar locations and allow me to glimpse the people who live and work there! This books sounds as if it opens just such windows!

  24. Doris Wahl

    I have three authors I am always excited to hear have a new book coming out, and Dana Stabenow leads that list! Can’t wait to read this new one.

  25. Joanne Mielczarski

    I love mysteries, and this sounds like a winner.

  26. Allison Moyer

    I love Stabenow and I love Alaska! This sounds like a fantastic read! Thanks for the drawing!

  27. Shaunterria Owens

    I love anything set in Alaska, it is beautiful year-round

  28. Joan Tuohy

    One of my first series love affairs. A visit to Alaska two years ago just cemented the affection. Thanks from me, too

  29. Judith Barnes

    I am so behind in reading Stabenow’s books but would love to receive a copy of “Bad Blood.” I love her treatment of the environment and the dogs.

  30. Jean Delaney

    Finding out about a new book in the series is awesome. Thanks

  31. Deanna Stillings

    Alaska is wonderful and I would love to go back. Alas all I can do is read Stabenow. Thanks.

  32. MaryC

    Love Kate and Mutt – thanks for the chance to win the latest KS mystery!

  33. susan beamon

    this sounds like a mix of a cozy, a straight mystery and a romance. long term series seem to me to tend that way. we get wrapped up in the lives of the main characters in all sorts of ways. i haven’t yet indulged in this series, but i’m game to start.

  34. Bob Keck

    Wow. Looks like another great read.

  35. Lisa Davidson

    These books are different because of the mood evoked, and the setting. Even when I figure out what’s next, I still enjoy the ride.

  36. Toni Trees

    Long-time fan of Stabenow. Always appreciate the exotic (especially to a Texan!) setting and cultural matrix, as well as the quirky, realistic characters. The stories move well, too.

  37. Jo Ann Hakola

    Love Stabenow’s work. I’d like to see what’s new in Kate’s life now.

  38. Lisa Richardson

    I haven’t read Stabenow for a few years now, looks like it’s time to start in again!

  39. Kyle Quandt

    Sounds like a great read.

  40. Tricha Leary

    Can’t wait to read

  41. Beverly Price

    I would love to be picked to win a copy of this book. She is such a good writer and she writes so good about Alaska

  42. d r almon

    I have read all of the Kate books and the Liam Campbell ones and I think most of the short stories. I am looking forward to this one and would love to win a copy. When can we expect another Liam Campbell book?

  43. Clydia DeFreese

    Another author that’s new to me…..just when I think I’m catching up.
    I do enjoy women detectives! They usually have a touch of humor; I especially like tha.

  44. robin goodman

    a new author for me. It sounds like a great thriller

  45. lynette barfield

    Love Dana’s books. Would love a copy of this latest one.

  46. Cindi Hoppes

    I love the cover of this book…It entices me and the excerpts from
    the book are great!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  47. Linda Johnson

    I love Dana Stabenow’s books.I have always wanted to visit Alaska.I am able to go there anytime i pick one of her Kate Shugak mysteries.

  48. justaskmom

    I agree with #18 Stacye. I buy very few long series year after year anymore. After downsizing from house to apartment last year, one of the series I simply couldn’t give up was Kate Shugak and Mutt. I reread them and enjoy them a second, third, or fourth time. Wonderful mysteries with love ’em or hate ’em characters. Looking forward to this one.

  49. Sheila Korman

    I love her books—thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of her new one!

  50. Desmond Warzel

    Count me in, please!

  51. Phoenix

    An always interesting writer.



  53. Vicky Boackle

    i would love to read this book.

  54. Anne Marie

    I just finished a Stabenow re-read to get ready for this one. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  55. Karen Hester

    New series for me – sounds interesting

  56. vicki wurgler

    beautiful state Alaska-love to read this

  57. Lisa Kaiser

    Glad to see a new Stabenow novel. Bravo for the longevity of this terrific series

  58. Taylor Duncan


  59. kathy pease

    Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in 🙂

  60. Daniel Morrell

    sounds like a fun one!

  61. matt lehman

    looks good to me

  62. Ellen

    I’m always interested in trying new authors.

  63. Melissa Keith

    [b]Ahhh, the ‘land otter man’. Love it. I have studied Native Americans all my life and I enjoy stories about them. Tribes is not PC however. The question asked would be what nation? Not what tribe? Just sayin….[/b]
    [b]Also I want to visit Alaska so badly. Dana! Please take me there. A trip with a murder mystery? Can’t think of anything better. [/b]

  64. Erin Hartshorn

    Oooh, this sounds lovely!

  65. Jason Nickolay

    I love Alaska, sounds like a great book

  66. Tracy Skalisky

    Would like to read this.

  67. Darlene Slocum

    Haven’t read anything with Alaska as the background. It should be interesting. Thanks!

  68. Rebecca Peters

    I would love to read this

  69. Ed Nemmers

    I would love to read the work of Dana Stabenow!

  70. Wynn Smith

    Great series!

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    Looks like a fantastic read.

  72. Daniel Vice

    This looks great

  73. Susan Smoaks

    i would love to win so i can read this!

  74. Buddy Garrett

    It sounds like a great read. Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. Lisa Duffy

    I would love to win this book

  76. Karl Stenger

    I love this writer. Cannot wait to read the new book.

  77. Suzanne Rorhus

    I’ll have to try this one – sounds interesting.

  78. Maria Lucier

    I’m looking forward to the next Stabenow novel – she is one of my favorite authors, and I’m amazed I can’t easily find her books in stores so I can get copies for my daughter.

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