Frank Underwood 2016: Anything for America

As we move deeper and deeper into the presidential campaign, what better way is there to show your support for America's most tenacious candidate than with this Frank Underwood t-shirt? Some campaign slogans are self-serving – “Hillary for America” – while others are vague and idealistic  – “Make America Great Again” – but when it comes to Frank Underwood's slogan, you know he means it.

What would he do for you, you ask? How about: (Sing the following to the tune of “Grenade” by Bruno Mars.)

He'd mercy kill a suffering dog for you.
He'd piss on his father's grave for you.
He'd push a girl in front a train for you.
He'd do literally anything for you.

So stop what you're doing, head over to JimmyThePrinter's shop on Etsy, and order yourself a Frank Underwood 2016 shirt. Or don't, but remember: Frank is always watching.  

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