Fowl Play: Oregon Rooster Must Find a New Coop

Mr. Rooster. Photo courtesy of The Oregonian, Dillon Pilorget.

As you take a quick break from over-prepared dinners, pestering family members, and stomach aches, we bring you a story that has it all: love, heartbreak, mistaken identity, and most importantly, roosters.

A judge from Cornelius, OR (a suburb of Portland, with over 12,000 inhabitants) has ordered that a rooster (named Mr. Rooster) belonging to Megan Keller must be relocated due to its constant crowing. Keller acquired Mr. Rooster in 2012 under the assumption that it was a female, though that was quickly proven wrong. It turns out Mr. Rooster is actually a white sultan, and is on The Livestock Conservancy's list of critically endanged species.

There's two ways to look at this. You can be upset for the rooster – sad that he is being upended from his home so close to the holidays. Or you can be thankful that he's not a turkey.

h/t: The Oregonian

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