Forget the Butler, The Zombie Tree Did It!

Hope that tree doesn't take a page out of Audrey II's book!
Hope that tree doesn’t take a page out of Audrey II’s book!












In 1954, a recently widowed woman received a bike for her children as a gift. She had an eight-year-old boy at the time and the natural idea was to give the bike to the boy. But Don Puz, the boy in question, didn’t want it—it was a girl’s bike after all and no self-respecting boy in the mid-1950s would have been caught dead riding a girl’s bike, especially in the little Washington state community.

Don left the bike in the woods shortly after getting it and told his mother he had lost it. Fifty years later the bike has been found—five feet in the air and “eaten” by a tree. The tree had grown around the bike, and had engulfed the now rusted frame of the bike. But we have our own theories about the trees of Washington. Beware, the zombie tree approacheth!


  1. Saundra Peck

    How cool is that!!! Add the amazing story, and you have an awesome piece of history in the woods. Love it, thanks!

  2. Dorothy Hayes

    Wonderful. I can see it: the monster tree who ate a bike! Surely, another sign of global warming! NOT to joke about GW. Great story.

    “Murder at the P&Z” by Dorothy H. Hayes to be published in April.

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