Fitness?! Pah! Resolve to Crack Unbreakable Codes!

The private, encoded message nicknamed DorabellaLose a few pounds, quit nail-biting, clean a closet…*yawn* No wonder people quit these kind of New Year’s resolutions. They’re not just predictable, they’re BORING!

Forget that noise, because the kind of resolution with the lasting power to stir the blood and fire the mind is one other people have toiled years failing to accomplish, breaking their puny brain pans in the process. A hidden code, say, something of the magnitude to serve as proving ground for Sherlocks and Moriartys alike. Fortunately, Robert Beckhusen and Noah Shachtman at Wired’s Danger Room have 7 distinct and yet-unbroken codes to foster your self-improvement:

  • The Voynich Manuscript (15th-16th century)
  • The Beale Ciphers, a possible key to buried treasure (1885)
  • Dorabella (1897)
  • Taman Shud, found in a dead man’s pocket (1948)
  • The Zodiac Killer Cipher (1969)
  • Kryptos sculpture at CIA headquarters (1990)
  • McCormick, also found in the pocket of a murdered man (1999)

Look at them all, read up, pick one, and get cracking! Report your success by February, or certainly by bikini season.


  1. Dana Gonzalez

    But having a healthy body and wishing to have a fit body is not bad right? lol My new year’s resolution is still the same, to have a beautiful body but still fat.

  2. Mark Jones

    Which one is more good, green tea or coffee?

  3. Natural Organic

    lol! right, they keep on making resolution.. like me, but always failing. I’m planning on my next new year’s resolution, drink natural organic to get fit like what my old man used to do and I will make all my resolution happen for real, seriously no kidding.

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