For Daniel Craig, One Car Is Not Enough

It seems as if there are certain perks that come with being James Bond, and we're not just talking about the women, gadgets, and suave one-liners. As if all that wasn't enough, listen to the deal that current Bond Daniel Craig was offered by Aston Martin after filming his Bond debut Casino Royale  – any Aston Martin car, anytime he wants to go for a spin. And not just any old spin – a spin around Aston Martin's private racetrack.

Craig's deal is good for any model at any time. But Craig doesn't own an Aston Martin, owing to the fact that the luxury of the car would be wasted in a city landscape like London. Maybe he's waiting for another day.

All we know is that for a man whose car rides have a knack for ending in explosions, Aston Martin better hope it has good insurance.