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Some thieves, steal from a house, and some just take the whole thing. A San Antonio man and his wife were preparing to settle into their new home, when one day, it was stolen. No, it didn't fly away like the house in Up, but was driven away on the trailer it was being kept on—the owner of the house is now fully aware that hitch locks exist, so hopefully this won't happen again. This house could have inspired Little House on the Prairie as it is only 228 sq. ft. Luckily, despite the house's size making it easy to steal, it was just large (and unique) enough that it was easy to find. It was reported as found a few days after the theft on the south side of town.

This certainly gives home invasion a different perspective—what's the strangest home robbery (either items or actual homes) that you've heard of?


  1. Bruce Arthurs

    Way back several homes and a lot of years ago, I was keeping a bicycle in a storage shed at the side of the house. I went out one day to find someone had broken into the shed and taken, not the bicycle…

    …but [b]half[/b] the bicycle.

    Even all these years later, I can’t figure why the thief would have taken the time and risk to stay in the shed and take apart the bicycle, to only abscond with the front wheel and brakes assembly. He could have taken the entire bicycle, jumped on, rode away, and taken it apart at a time and place of his own choosing.

    Crooks can be dumb.

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