Flower Thief Steals from Cemetery

Criminals are considered bad people, but some go beyond that label and enter the realm of down-right sleazy losers. 

According to NJ.com, a florist has been caught stealing flowers from a cemetery in the dead of night. Riverdale, NJ, resident Lynda S. Wingate was caught removing plants from graves and tombstones and gently placing them in the back of her minivan. Little did she know, hidden cameras were installed earlier due to complaints about flowers gone missing over night.

After the police reviewed the utterly disgraceful footage, Wingate was arrested and charged with theft of moveable property.

Sadly for me, this perp derp hails from the area where I grew up. So this story makes me shake my fist angrily on a few levels. And get this! Before Wingate got into stealing dead people's flowers under the pale moonlight, she worked as a police dispatcher. Derp!

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