Close Call, Florida, But Mullet-Lovin McGyver Ain’t Mad.

Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyverMacGyver has proved the mullet is advantageous, even necessary, for the safe conduction of super brain power. So what about that just-signed legislation on the size of mullets? Well, according to Florida Today, it may not imperil the scientific progress (not to mention the stone cold badness) of humanity after all.

Hat tip: Fark. Image via Cool Men's Hair, which says:

If you want to achieve this look, make sure you are confident wearing it. Not too many men do, and women do not really dig them often. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that his hair back then is natural and perhaps needed since radical crime fighters do not think much of themselves but of the world.

Damn straight.


  1. simple hairstyle

    Wow nice

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