Fleming, Ian Fleming

You ever wonder what it would be like if authors lived the lives of there characters? If Lee Child was really a physically imposing ex-MP out to right wrongs efficiently and quickly? Or maybe if Janet Evanovich was a lousy bounty hunter torn between two men? That seems to be the approach that British station SkyAtlantic is taking with their new miniseries, Fleming.

The miniseries, set to debut later this year, is about the life of James Bond's creator, Ian Fleming. Dominic Cooper will star as the author, who was first an unsuccessful stockbroker before finding his place in Naval Intellegence. Above is the teaser trailer. What do you think? Do you want to watch?


  1. Brian Greene

    Sure, I’d give it a try based on this trailer.

    Could be that many reading here are already aware of this, but Fleming is portrayed in Jake Arnott’s latest novel, The House of Rumour. Most interesting take on Fleming there.

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