Fleeing Robber to Police: He Went Thatta Way!

A man was arrested over the weekend after attempting to rob a Family Dollar store and pretending to be the 4th member of the Three Stooges.

According to UPI, the suspect—Sean Torres, 29—had a shirt wrapped around his head when he strolled into the Family Dollar and demanded money from the store clerk. When the clerk did not comply to Torres's demands, he threatened to shoot up the joint, but then ran away without any money.

A police chopper was dispatched and spotted Torres at the edge of a nearby pond in an effort to get away from police on the ground. However, as they closed in on Torres, deputies said the man tried to hide by submerging himself. The chopper had no problems still seeing him.

Here is the funny part: When the police on the ground caught up to Torres, he tried explaining that he was 'just fishing' and that his fishing pole was sunk in the water.” He also went on to say, “the guy who did it went that way.”

Torres realized his plan was a washout an surrendered, saying he didn't want to be bit by a police dog. Smart guy!

The ordeal was not over. Torres, while in the back of the cop car, he repeatedly screamed and thrashed himself around, kicking the doors, and ultimately damaging the car. Torres was booked on armed robbery and criminal mischief charges.

Check out the video of the chase:

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