Flag Cake for a Sweet Independence Day!

Flag Cake by Delectable DeliciousnessTalk of fireworks and crime are somewhat unappealing to us while enormous, devastating fires still blaze in Colorado. (Besides, how could we beat last year’s real-life and not-misspelled nut with the explosive temper, Guy Fowlkes?) So, let us speak instead of things moist and sweet on this Independence Day, like this two-layer cake split into tiers so every piece forms its own flag!

Flag Cake by Elissa of 17 and baking

Clever Elissa was 17 and baking when she blogged the how-to directions with photos. It’s such a cool idea, and simple to understand once you see the required pieces from all three differently dyed cake layers.

Flag Cake Layers by Delectable Deliciousness

Bonus: a complete single layer cake can also be re-assembled from the discarded parts, though it doesn’t really match the arrangement of any of the 31 countries whose flags are red, white, and blue. We’re recommending you make enough extra frosting for it anyway and declare your own republic of chef’s privilege!

Have a festive and independent day, wherever you may be!

Top and bottom images from Delectable Deliciousness.