He Just Wanted His Machete: A Tribute to Friday the 13th

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, a holiday that I can’t possibly imagine celebrating without a massive tribute to one of my personal favorite serial killers, Jason Voorhees. The masked mystery man from Crystal Lake has run the gamut from being a very normal and real killer to being a supernatural killer obsessed with hand tools and the creative uses thereof. He has gone to hell, been resurrected by lightning, gone to space . . . hell he’s even battled another favorite, Freddy Krueger.

A friend of mine and I used to debate who was the better killer, Freddy or Jason, while we were supposed to be doing Econ homework back in high school. Looking back I really don’t think it matters at this point. All of us can appreciate Jason for what he is. A slowly walking, menacing beast of a man that just can’t stand the smell of marijuana or the sight of naked teen girls.

Hopefully you will enjoy this supercut of some of his more creative and memorable kills. I do want to warn you that there are a couple of NSFW shots in the later part of the video. It being Friday the 13th, there are going to be topless women involved at some point.

Friday the 13th 1-7 Kills Supercut from Mighty Worm on Vimeo.

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