Sounds of Suspense
Sounds of Suspense

Keep your hands free and your eyes peeled! We've got audiobooks for crime fans, because, for some reason, it's illegal to read while driving. . .

Candice Fox Audio Excerpt: <i>Crimson Lake</i>
February 27 2018
Candice Fox
Lisa Scottoline Audio Excerpt: <i>Exposed</i>
August 8 2017
Lisa Scottoline
Rick Campbell Audio Excerpt: <i>Blackmail</i>
July 25 2017
Rick Campbell
<i>The Fact of a Body</i>: Audio Excerpt
May 19 2017
Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
<i>Incendiary</i>: Audio Excerpt
May 9 2017
Michael Cannell
<i>Blue Light Yokohama</i>: Audio Excerpt
April 17 2017
Nicolás Obregón
<i>The Outsider</i>: Audio Excerpt
April 5 2017
Anthony Franze
<i>If We Were Villains</i>: Audio Excerpt
March 27 2017
M. L. Rio
<i>Six Four</i>: Audio Excerpt
February 28 2017
Hideo Yokoyama
<i>Under the Knife</i>: Audio Excerpt
February 15 2017
Kelly Parsons
<i>The Dry</i>: Audio Excerpt
January 23 2017
Jane Harper
The X-Files Origins Series: 2 Audio Excerpts
January 12 2017
Kami Garcia and Jonathan Maberry
<i>Twelve Dogs of Christmas</i>: Audio Excerpt
November 1 2016
David Rosenfelt
<i>Long Shot</i>: Audio Excerpt
October 17 2016
Jack Coughlin and Donald A. Davis
<i>Daisy in Chains</i>: Audio Excerpt
September 23 2016
Sharon Bolton
<i>Collecting the Dead</i>: Audio Excerpt
August 24 2016
Spencer Kope
<i>A Great Reckoning</i>: Audio Excerpt
August 17 2016
Louise Penny
<i>First Strike</i>: Audio Excerpt
July 12 2016
Ben Coes
<i>Widowmaker</i>: Audio Excerpt
June 23 2016
Paul Doiron
<i>A Good Month for Murder</i>: Audio Excerpt
June 16 2016
Del Quentin Wilber
<i>Mercy</i>: Audio Excerpt
June 2 2016
Michael Palmer and Daniel Palmer
<i>Boar Island</i>: Audio Excerpt
May 19 2016
Nevada Barr
<i>The Defense</i>: Audio Excerpt
May 11 2016
Steve Cavanagh
<i>Kill Switch</i>: Audio Excerpt
May 3 2016
Jonathan Maberry
<i>Poisonous</i>: Audio Excerpt
April 19 2016
Allison Brennan
<i>The 14th Colony</i>: Audio Excerpt
April 12 2016
Steve Berry
<i>The Advocate’s Daughter</i>: Audio Excerpt
March 31 2016
Anthony Franze
<i>Redemption Road</i>: Audio Excerpt
March 4 2016
John Hart
<i>A Midsummer’s Equation</i>: Audio Excerpt
February 23 2016
Keigo Higashino
<i>Hanover House</i>: New Audio Excerpt
February 18 2016
Brenda Novak
<i>Keep Calm</i>: New Excerpt
February 2 2016
Mike Binder
<i>The Killing Lessons</i>: New Audio Excerpt
September 22 2015
Saul Black
<i>Who Let the Dog Out?</i>: New Audio Excerpt
July 18 2015
David Rosenfelt
<i>Independence Day</i>: New Excerpt
May 20 2015
Ben Coes
“An Unexpected Guest”: Listen Now!
May 19 2015
Donna Andrews and John Gilstrap
<i>Pinnacle Event</i>: New Audio Excerpt
May 19 2015
Richard Clarke
<i>The Patriot Threat</i>: New Audio Excerpt
March 24 2015
Steve Berry
<i>All the Old Knives</i>: New Audio Excerpt
March 4 2015
Olen Steinhauer
<i>The First Wife</i>: New Audio Excerpt
February 8 2015
Erica Spindler
<i>Fear the Darkness</i>: New Excerpt
January 19 2015
Becky Masterman
<i>Thief</i>: New Audio Excerpt
December 15 2014
Mark Sullivan
<i>The Laughing Monsters</i>: New Audio Excerpt
November 1 2014
Denis Johnson
<i>Malice</i>: New Audio Excerpt
October 2 2014
Keigo Higashino
<i>The Long Way Home</i>: New Excerpt
August 20 2014
Louise Penny
<i>The Equalizer</i>: New Audio Excerpt
August 19 2014
Michael Sloan
<i>24: Deadline</i>: New Audio Excerpt
August 4 2014
James Swallow
<i>A Colder War</i>: A New Excerpt
July 29 2014
Charles Cumming
<i>The Hour of Peril</i>: Audio Excerpt
February 10 2013
Daniel Stashower
<i>Oath of Office</i>: New Excerpt
January 31 2012
Michael Palmer