Paranormal Crime
Paranormal Crime

Paranormal Crime stories include supernatural, magical, fantastic, futuristic, and dystopian worlds--even alternate realities--often populated by shapeshifters, time travelers, zombies, the undead, and fairy-tale villains.

We've got plethoras of paranormality!

<i>Marked Fur Murder</i>: New Excerpt
March 30 2015
Dixie Lyle
<i>A Ghostly Grave</i>: New Excerpt
March 29 2015
Tonya Kappes
<i>Alien Hunter: Underworld</i>: New Excerpt
August 5 2014
Whitley Strieber
<i>Coldbrook</i>: New Excerpt
April 3 2014
Tim Lebbon
<i>Dying to Know</i>: New Excerpt
December 29 2013
TJ OConnor
<em>Turbulence</em>: New Excerpt
July 2 2013
Samit Basu
<i>Evil Dark</i>: New Excerpt
April 23 2012
Justin Gustainis
<i>Blackbirds</i>: New Excerpt
April 13 2012
Chuck Wendig
<i>Hemlock Grove </i>: New Excerpt
March 22 2012
Brian McGreevy
<i>The Inquisitor</i>: New Excerpt
March 12 2012
Mark Allen Smith
The Walking Dead: New Excerpt
October 1 2011
Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga