Fans Walk Tall: Longmire Rides Again on Netflix!


Adam Bartley as The Ferg, obviously very happy about the series renewal with Netflix
Put a little Rainier in that mug, Ferg! You don’t have to go work at your dad’s roofing company after all!
here were rumors last week that a deal was in the works, and today, it's official! Season 4 of Longmire will air on Netflix in 2015, with production beginning as soon as March. In the three-or-so months since the show's surprise cancellation, fans have been clamoring for the sheriff's return, and it's now clear that ongoing fan enthusiasm played a part in its resurrection. From the Deadline article by Nellie Andreeva:

“When Warner Horizon Television came to us with the idea for a new season of Longmire, we were intrigued because the series is so unique, and consistently great,”  said Cindy Holland, Netflix VP of Original Content. “We are thrilled to help continue Walt Longmire’s story for his large and passionate following.”

Though the series, based upon Craig Johnson's books, was A&E's most-watched show, the older demographic of its viewers devalued it for advertisers on the network, which was shedding its original scripted dramas anyway. However, subscription-based Netflix just wants your eyeballs, any eyeballs—yay! The cast and show execs are signed and sealed—double yay! So what's in store for us viewers?

Season four of Longmire picks up moments after season three’s explosive finale. Walt Longmire (Taylor), having found out who was behind the murder of his wife, succumbs to his darker impulses and takes off in pursuit of the killer with revenge on his mind. Meanwhile, Branch Connally (Bailey Chase), the deputy who Walt fired for erratic, violent behavior, believes he has already figured out who the real culprit is. During his confrontation with this suspected killer, a gun goes off. Fans will find out what happened, and whether Walt can be stopped before he makes a fatal choice.

It's not even New Year's Eve, and 2015's already got something worth celebrating!


  1. vanessagalore

    Terrific news!

  2. Sally Schmidt


  3. Carol Kubala

    I am thrilled! Longmire is worth the price of a subscription to Netflix
    for certain. Glad they saw the potential and will continue this
    excellent series.

  4. cozycat

    Just the news I was looking for –so happy to hear!

    A most excellent show.

  5. snow dog

    I hope this works out for Netflix so we get not only a season 4 but maybe a 5 and beyond. I’m looking forward to having all 10 episodes to watch at once and to getting closer to a full hour of actual show with no commercials. It will be like getting 13 episodes with the added content per episode where commercials would be. Hopefully no more critical scenes that end up cut due to time constraints. The major and cable networks new offerinngs have had a lot of failures in their efforts to cater to the key demo. They shouldn’t be ignoring Total viewer numbers and only looking at key demo for live viewing since viewership has declined for live viewing and everyone in every demo is choosing to watch other than live more and more. Their ratings model needs a major revamping when shows are doubling their numbers with Live+3 and Live+7 viewing numbers.

  6. Mary Saputo

    Personally, I’m not a fan of watching my TV programs on my computer. So what am I faced with now? More cash outlay. It seems the “big 3” (ABC, NBC, CBS) have a lock on what or how we watch anything and I for one am sick and tired of paying for numerous stations that I NEVER watch, just because they want more money. It’s time for a change. I did really enjoy Longmire but I don’t know if I’m willing to pay more money to watch it.

  7. Virginia Campbell

    Boy Howdy!!! You can’t keep a good man–or his clan—down for long ; )

  8. dastidle

    Best news I have heard all day!

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