Facebook and the Super Bowl of Hacking

Hacking: It’s not all protests and Guy Fawkes
Hacking: It’s not all protests and Guy Fawkes
Hackers are a relatively new kind of criminal. But really it’s the same song, different dance. I mean they are a group of thieves and sabateours that are out to steal, deface, defame, or destroy a person or individual. But, like a lot of other ne’er do-wells out there, they can, paradoxically, be a force for good.

Hacking isn’t all Anonymous and LulzSec, its also becoming a way of life. Fundamentally, hacking is all about finding ingenious solutions to complex systems. This is why this year Facebook is hosting its second annual Hacker Cup.

The Hacker Cup is an open invitational to all would-be hackers out there to come and test there mettle against fellow hackers in a race to finish a series of escalating algorithmic problems. There are five rounds in total, and the world champion is the top programmer, who will win prizes and probably a job somewhere.  I mean the best way to fight cyber crime is with cyber crime, right?

What do you think, is this kind of competition healthy or is it only encouraging criminal behavior?

Check out the Hacker Cup’s Facebook page for more info.


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