Dumb Thief Busted During Shop-with-a-Cop Event

Looks like we have a perp derp who was trying to get into the Christmas spirit… While police were shopping with kids at a local Wal-Mart during a community event dubbed shop-with-a-cop, a man attempting to steal a 58-inch TV from the same store.

According to the folks at CBS 6, James Walsh was spotted on surveillance with the TV in his cart, but when he tried to nonchalantly walk out without swiping his credit card, the store's “asset protection officer” attempted to foil his plan.

However, in a moment of brilliance, police said Walsh ran back inside, only to leave again out of a different exit. I cannot imagine why.

Remember when I said there was a police event at this particular Wal-Mart? Well, they noticed what was happening and swooped in to bust Walsh without much effort.

It looks like little Johnny will not be getting that TV he wanted for Christmas.

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