Drunk Man Sells Car, Forgets, Reports Car Stolen

If you think you have had some bad nights of drinking too much, sit back, because this story will make you feel a bit better about yourself. It did for me.

According to the folks at The Telegraph, a man went on a drinking spree over the weekend and reached the point where he needed more money to keep the drinks flowing. So he had the bright idea to sell his car to get more green to fuel the rest of his evening. Reportedly, he got $800 for his wheels—more than enough to continue his binge—and partied till he passed out.

However, when he woke up the next day, he totally forgot the whole selling his car to get more booze money thing. So he called the local police to report that his car stolen.

Thankfully, the man who purchased the car did his due diligence and checked CarJam, a website that provides vehicle history information. When the man was alerted that the car was stolen, he brought it in to the police and explained the whole situation—which I can only imagine produced as many head scratches as laughs.

At the end of the day, the police let the two men work it out among themselves and sent them on their way.

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