Double-Barrel Bond

Bond on Set cover
Bond on Set cover image © Greg Williams
Skyfall hit theaters this week, and almost immediately we began seeing people saying “Bond says he has a rifle, but it’s clearly a double-barreled shotgun.” Well, no. Actually, it’s a double-barreled rifle. In fact, according to James Bond Lifestyle:

James Bond (Daniel Craig) uses an Anderson Wheeler 500 Nitro Express Double Rifle with box lock in Skyfall. The movie’s armourer acquired the rifle from London-based gun and rifle maker Anderson Wheeler. The request was for a gentleman’s big game hunting rifle, also known as a ‘double rifle’. Anderson Wheeler provided a 500 Nitro Box Lock Express Rifle, which loads a .50 calibre round that fires a 570 grain bullet at around 2,200 feet per second. This rifle is ideally used as a stopping rifle and is usually carried by professional hunters or hunters in search of African Dangerous game.

Talk about bringing out the big guns.

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