Dog Houses from the Big House: Prisoners Lending a Hand

Prisoners at The Northeast Ohio Correctional Center (NEOCC) might be in the big house for the foreseeable future, but they are doing their part to help dogs in need by building dog houses.

Part of PETA's Animals for Angels initiative, the NEOCC has utilized the program to the tune of over 70 doghouses since its implementation. The program also has the added bonus of teaching carpentry skills to inmates.

In 2013, PETA provided over 350 doghouses to otherwise elementally-exposed dogs, and with the NEOCC's involvement, those numbers are destined to increase.

Here at CrimeHQ, criminals are often (rightfully) made fun of, but it's nice to highlight a positive story too.

If you're gonna do the crime, utilize your prison time. 

HT: Thanks to The Dodo for the story.

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