Do You Know How Slow You Were Going?

On NPR last week, Jean-Joseph Renucci, communication specialist/freelancer by day and artist by night, shared his love of miniature art. You might recognize some similar artwork from a few years ago by street artist Slinkachu.

Renucci said the idea for his own artwork came in part from Slinkachu’s art, but he was also inspired by the stories he invented to tell his young daughter. The NPR story explained:

When Jean-Joseph Renucci’s daughter was little, he would tell her stories about “les petits bonhommes verts” (little green men) who lived in the ceiling. They were responsible when a pen or a toy went missing, Renucci writes in an email. And, he says, “I admit I loved to imagine they were here for real.”

The moral of this story: even snails need to be policed.


  1. Clare 2e

    It’s so adorable, and I could carry a whole art gallery in my satchel!

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