Disturbing Scenes…

Let’s pretend for a moment that your holiday is perfect. It is? Wow. Congratulations! What are you doing here in front of the computer? Just taking a break from the perfection? It’s okay, we understand.

But now let’s say your holiday is not so perfect and you want to be reminded of how good you’ve got it. Perhaps you need to visit Box.

According to Flavorwire,

In Box, Maxime Delvaux and Kevin Laloux’s dark series of photographs, the Belgium-based artists build houses out of cardboard and tiny dollhouse furniture, then populate them with the unhappy, the lost and the strange. ”The idea is to create imaginary scenes with a cinematic aesthetic which, beyond their narrative aspect, unsettle the spectator through the scale and choice of material,” they explain. Indeed. For us, the cardboard serves to underscore the feeling of mortal transience, the banality, and shabbiness of the lives that the scenes evoke, and the fake furniture lends them an air of sticky surreality.

Seriously. If that doesn’t creep you out and make you thankful for what you have, nothing will! Pretty much any one of the photographs at the Box website looks as if it could have come out of a crime novel…or inspired one.

So, um, happy Thanksgiving.

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