Discussion Guide: My Wife Is Missing by D. J. Palmer

From the author of The New Husband, D. J. Palmer's My Wife Is Missing is a twisty thriller about a woman who disappears with her two children, and her husband will do anything to find them—even confront the secrets of his own past... See below for a helpful set of discussion questions perfect for you and your next book club!

My Wife Is Missing

Reading Group Discussion Guide

  1. Michael’s character was dualistic—he was in many ways endearing and likable, but with darker aspects as well. How did you reconcile this contradiction? When the full truth came to light, how did you feel about Michael?
  2. How did you interpret Michael and Natalie’s narration? Did you find them both to be reliable or unreliable in their telling of events? Did questioning the narrator’s accuracy add or detract from the suspense?
  3. Michael went to extreme measures to escape his past. What do you think of his choices? What other choices could he have made?
  4. How do you think insomnia affected Natalie? Did it give you empathy for her plight or was it an inadequate excuse for her erratic behavior? Had you ever heard of Sleep Deprivation Psychosis before?
  5. In light of the perceived danger and the information she had at the time, Natalie took extreme measures to protect herself and her family. What do you think about the decisions she made? Were her actions appropriate under the circumstances? In your opinion what did Natalie do right and wrong with respect to the children given how she feared for their lives?
  6. How do you feel about Natalie’s friend Kate Hildonen betraying her friend’s trust? Do you think her actions were warranted? What might you have done in the situation?
  7. Does Michael’s infidelity make him a strongly unlikable character, or were his actions forgivable to some degree when viewed in context? Should Michael have told Natalie about his past? About his affair? Forgiveness is a theme throughout the novel. What role do you think redemption and forgiveness should play in this complicated relationship?
  8. Forgiveness continues to be a salient subject in the dynamic between Michael and his mother. Should Michael forgive his mother for her past judgements? Should his mother forgive him for running away and abandoning his life and family? Can his mother forgive herself for hiding evidence and assuming the worst about her son?
  9. Kennett’s character crossed many personal and professional boundaries and used unusual and questionable methods in his investigation of Michael. Did you find Kennett’s behavior acceptable? In your opinion, how did Kennett’s character and his role in the novel add or detract from the story?
  10. Were you surprised by the ending? How did traditional gender roles potentially play into your being mislead (or not) by the author?
  11. In the final chapters, Michael and Natalie’s relationship is left open ended. In what direction do you think their relationship will go? How do you feel about the author leaving this unresolved?
  12. What did you think about the epilogue? Did it tie up loose ends in an interesting and satisfying way?

Download a designed & printable PDF discussion guide here.

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