Discount: The Trident Deception by Rick Campbell

In anticipation of the release of Blackmail by Rick Campbell (available June 27, 2017)—the 4th book in the Trident Deception series—get a digital copy of the 1st in the series, The Trident Deception, for only $2.99 through June 5th!

On a routine patrol, the USS Kentucky, a Trident ballistic missile submarine carrying a full complement of nuclear warheads, receives a launch order. What the Kentucky's crew does not know is that the order did not come from the U.S. government but from a rogue intelligence group-one with operatives secretly embedded within Western intelligence organizations who are intent on using the Kentucky to carry out a devastating agenda.

Iran has completed its first nuclear weapon and, in ten days, will detonate it. The target is Israel. The rogue operatives' plan was to use a false code to send the submarine, which would enable it to destroy Iran before Iran can destroy Israel. But the Kentucky is not responding to the recall codes. And time is running out…Now it's up to a senior Navy officer—whose own son is aboard the Kentucky—to find, intercept, and neutralize the Kentucky before it unleashes a nuclear attack. As the conspiracy slowly unfolds and the deception grows ever deeper, it's up to one man to somehow do the impossible: Save millions of lives—and the fate of the world itself.

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