Diamonds (encrusted on weapons) Are a Girl’s Best Friend?

A recent trend in gun manufacturing have many (be)dazzled–literally–with “female-friendly” pistols. This means smaller, slicker, and more colorful design with a bling factor. The New York Times highlighted some new models of what are called “purse pistols.” Really makes one wonder what is next? Barbie® pocket grenades? 

Check out the shiny rocks on the Hello Kitty 9mm Sig Sauer. (Apparently Sanrio® complained, so only one model is in existence.) The pistol, with its jarring Lisa Frank sticker color palette, looks like the final project of an arts-and-crafts class at the local community center. Clearly, very classy.

Maybe that will be the next workshop: Pimpin’ Your Pistol 101. Glue-gun on real-gun. Oh boy, hope everyone has medical insurance. . .


  1. Megan Frampton

    I love Hello Kitty. Guns, not so much.
    But can you just see Sarah Palin et al packing this kind of heat?

  2. Amy pan

    The guns are really cute, but the world is really unsafe.

  3. Cathy Zhu Chen

    As my friend pointed out to me. They are not just for girls… 🙂

  4. April Moore

    I thought companies who made pink handled hammers and screwdrivers–as if women needed a special color to use one–was bad enough. Have to agree with first comment–this has Sarah Palin written all over it.

  5. sea crossing

    beautiful Pistols. I want one

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