Criminals Versus Librarians And Booksellers: It’s No Contest!

Donald Davis, owner of East Village Books at 99 St. Marks Place
Donald Davis, owner of East Village Books and a hero to librarians everywhere
The New York Post reported today on the capture of a library-robbing rat by a tough NYC bookseller.

Andrew Hansen has allegedly been stealing books (mostly graphic novels) from the New York Public Library and reselling them to various used bookshops around town.  He’s had his library privileges revoked, been banned from the Strand, but nothing seemed to stop him.

Until, that is, he ran across Donald Davis, owner of East Village Books. Hansen had tried to sell Davis library books before, so this time Davis was prepared.  The former high school wrestler took Hansen down and called the cops, who hauled him off to jail.

Said Davis: “There’s no other situation where I would do this. I was so angry that he was stealing from the library. The library is just a very important piece of our community.”

Donald, we salute you!

Image via The New York Post.


  1. Leslie Gilbert Elman

    I must go to this store to buy a book. Crimefighters rule.

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