The Criminal Scourge of Beerlessness: Dial 911

Beerlessness may be a shame, but it's not a crime. (Maybe we're just noticing more odd, beer-related items since the ceramic squirrel affair?) Anyway, a 68 year-old Memphis grandma has been charged with domestic assault, according to SFGate:

Police said Pate became angry with her granddaughter and slapped her with an open hand when she wouldn't buy Pate beer. The affidavit said Pate then dialed 911 seeking “police assistance in getting a beer.”

Apparently, the responding officers arrested her for being a truly rotten gam-gam, rather than going on a beer run, h8ers. At least the beerless gent above looks peaceful… for now.


  1. Teddy P

    This is totally insane!

  2. Lynn Ristau

    Sounds like something which would happen here in my city. We have gotten calls to 911 with people reporting their marijuana stolen and other such nonsense.

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