Criminal Element Book Club, Week 2: Announcing Sweepstakes Winners of The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer

Welcome back to the Criminal Element Book Club featuring Olen Steinhauer's The Tourist. We are happy to announce the winners of last week's sweepstakes, and we're thrilled to share an eBook deal that is too good to miss.

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s sweepstakes! We were so pleased with all of the excitement this book club has generated, and we wish we could provide even more copies of The Tourist.

If your username appears in the below list, congratulations on winning a copy of The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer. You should have received an email from us today (01/13/2020) asking for your mailing address so we can ship out your prize—check your spam boxes if you’ve yet to hear from us. If you haven’t been contacted, please send DM us on Twitter or reach out to to let us know.

Didn’t win the sweepstakes? Don’t worry. For the month of January, you can get your own eBook copy of The Tourist at the retailer of your choice for only $2.99. (No reader behind.)

Tune in next week for more updates on the Criminal Element Book Club and start reading The Tourist now—we’ll have more content in the coming weeks about the Milo Weaver series, including the latest upcoming thriller from Olen Steinhauer—The Last Tourist.

Congratulations again to our sweepstakes winners, sorted here alphabetically by username:

  1. Akloonlady
  2. AlwaysSunny20
  3. AnnaZed
  4. Atinman
  5. Dbright48
  6. DHruska
  7. Eveland1
  8. Ewhatley
  9. Fairywings
  10. Filipslady
  11. FleetSparrow
  12. Gypsysmom
  13. Heartbeatoz
  14. Johannah
  15. KathyNV
  16. Labrat35
  17. Magpot
  18. Maxdementis
  19. Melly801
  20. Missmeigs
  21. NanaDebs
  22. Nina Rowan
  23. Smml2
  24. Susanbeamon
  25. Teajaye

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    Great Post.

  2. Nancy

    Congratulations to the lucky winners. Enjoy!

  3. Melissa Keith

    Got the book yesterday! Thank you. I appreciate it. Off to read…..

  4. Shirley Schwartz

    I never would have heard about this book, let alone read it it hadn’t been suggested as a January book read from Criminal Element. I thoroughly enjoyed it and now want to read the other books in series. Milo Weaver is a “tourist”. In Company-speak (CIA), that means he’s an itinerant assassin and spy throughout Europe and the Eastern Bloc. When we first meet him we see Weaver, playing a legend by the name of Charles Alexander, and even though he’s in the middle of a very dangerous job for the Company, he is hopped up on amphetamines and contemplating suicide. Being a tourist is not easy. It’s not only dangerous, but lonely and exhausting. Milo is a reluctant spy from the beginning, but he is so good at his job that he keeps being put on different assignments. Finally, in 2001, he is very seriously wounded in Vienna, and he also meets the love of his life, who when he first meets her, is in labour on a Viennese street. Milo manages to recover from his injuries, and he moves back to a desk job with the Company after he marries Tina. That lasts for about six years, and then he is pulled into another job that threatens all he holds dear and puts him in grave danger. The rest of the book is all about Milo trying to piece together who in the Company is in league with the Chinese and why. His task threatens his marriage and child, and even though Milo is reluctant to be drawn back in, he must find out who has behind all the intrigue and who has been pulling his strings since he began with the company? This is a surprisingly literate spy thriller, and the reluctant protagonist makes the book very believable. I couldn’t put it down. Thanks again to Criminal Element for piquing my interest in this series.

  5. Tamara

    WOW! Thanks

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