Crime Screen News Roundup

Sons of Anarchy
It’s back!
There’s been movement the past few days on a number of projects we’re keeping our eyes on here at Crime HQ, so in the interest of keeping you up to date, here are a few bits and bytes of big and small screen crime news!

First, Justified has been renewed for a fourth season. Until Tuesday, I might have been worried about that, but this week’s episode was so full of awesome it renewed my faith.

Next, the CBS Sherlock Holmes series Elementary has picked up a new cast member: Aidan Quinn. Quinn (last seen on TV in the ill-fated American version of Prime Suspect) will play an NYPD Captain who met Holmes at Scotland Yard and invited him back to New York to act as a police consultant.

In further TV news, Sons of Anarchy has also been renewed, in a three year deal that will likely take it all the way through season seven. And even when that’s done, creator Kurt Sutter says he’d like to do a prequel.

On the silver screen side, we told you a while back that there was a new Lew Archer movie in the works, and it now appears they’ve finally found a screenwriter for it. According to Deadline, Peter Landesman will be the one to adapt Ross Macdonald’s The Galton Case for the big screen this time around and they’re hoping to get Brad Pitt to star as Archer. (But, really, is there a director anywhere who’s not hoping to get Pitt to star in something?)

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