Crime Scene Gift Bundle

Armchair detective? Not anymore!

Get yourself up out of that chair and into the thick of things with this Crime Scene Gift Bundle from  Every bundle includes:

  • 100 feet of crime scene tape
  • Pack of 25 crime scene bandages
  • Crime scene sandwich bags
  • Crime scene candy vials containing candy blood, urine, and saliva
  • Candy blood clots
  • UV keychain light
  • UV fluorescent marking pen
  • 2 Assorted colors of light sticks
  • Assorted evidence labels.
  • Paper evidence bags
  • Crime scene lanyard 
  • Coffee mug

Every item comes wrapped in an evidence bag, and all the items come packaged and assembled in a large evidence bag. The entire bundle is only $43, but who could put a price on the beginning of your new hobby/career. 

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