Crime How-To: Mid-1800s Edition

Fantomas, from the third serial by author Louis Feuillade.
Fantomas, creation of Louis Feuillade, was inventive and cruel, imitating noblemen as needed, but this thief was no gentleman.
Ever wanted to be a 19th century thief? I know I have, and more importantly, dear friends, the how-to guide has already been written for us. Back in 1874, a serial named The Manufacturer and Builder published an article in Volume 6 Issue 5 called “On Burglars’ Tools.” In the article it describes where a thief might get all those wonderful toys.

The burglars’s tools, or “in the name of the profession called ‘kits’” are divided into jimmies, chisels, wedges, hammers, skeleton keys, nippers, drills punches…the list goes on for a bit.  However, it is nice to now that before the age of CSI (forget Grissom, I want to take on Sherlock) and hardcore police procedurals, there was already a method for us crime fans to be “in the know”.  I just wonder if this article got the attention and infamous reputation that The Anarchist’s Cookbook tends to garner.

Tip of the hat to Gizmodo for this find.

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