The Crime Fighter Fashion Awards and Brenda Leigh’s Purse Sweepstakes

Crime fighters range from the absolutely well-dressed to those who can’t even manage to get the crumbs off their shirts. Can you imagine Magnum without his Hawaiian shirts or Columbo without his trench coat? Clothes make the detective, or help turn an ordinary character into an icon.  Below you’ll find the Crime Fighter Fashion Awards, the good, the bad, and the super sloppy.

The Watchman by Robert Crais featuring Joe PikeDon’t Mess with Me Award

Winner: Joe Pike from the books of Robert Crais.

Joe Pike always wears his sunglasses— always—so you can never see his eyes, but the real fashion choice that delineates his character is the famous red arrow tattoos on his arms. His natural scowl and man-of-few-words-style doesn’t hurt either.

Honorable Mention: Ranger from the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich.

Ranger might have made it to number one, but since we always see him through Stephanie’s eyes, his description is always a bit biased. According to Stephanie, “Ranger only wears black, smells warm and sexy and is one hundred percent pure perfectly toned muscle. He gets his dark complexion and liquid brown eyes from Cuban ancestors.”

Kyra Sedgwick as Brenda Leigh Johnson with her huge purse in TNT’s The CloserMost Feminine Wardrobe

Winner: Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, The Closer.

Instead of hiding her femininity to succeed in the male dominated world of law enforcement, southern belle Brenda Leigh Johnson wields it like a weapon. Pastel colors, flouncy flowery skirts, and twin sets make for a wardrobe that helps her lull suspects into a false sense of security while she wrings confessions out of them. And of course there is the fabulous big black bag that she carries everywhere fit to hold Twinkies and hand guns alike.

**Wouldn’t you like to have an amazing purse like Brenda Leigh’s? Keep reading, because you can win one right here!

Nancy Drew and The Secret of the Old ClockHonorable Mention: Nancy Drew from the books by Carolyn Keene.

Nancy Drew always looks great in her carefully selected smart skirts and neatly pressed shirts, as she zips about River Heights in her blue convertible. From parties to kidnappings, her outfit is always appropriate for the occasion.





This Body of Death by Elizabeth George featuring Sgt. Barbara HaversMost Popular Fashion Victim

Winner: Barbara Havers from the Inspector Lynley novels by Elizabeth George.

After showing up to work in an outfit consisting of red high-top trainers with purple socks peeking out, olive corduroy trousers, and a lint-covered brown pullover, Havers’s new boss gave her a clear directive to buy new things and clean up her look. In This Body of Death, it led Barbara to turn to her little nine year-old neighbor, Hadiyyah, for fashion and shopping advice.  Barbara’s fashion choices are even more marked when compared to the easy elegance of her partner for most of the series, Inspector Lynley, the 8th Earl of Asherton. This award only applies to the print version of Barbara. Her TV version isn’t quite as sloppy or poorly dressed.

Sasha Alexander as Dr. Maura Isles of Rizzoli and IslesBest Designer Wardrobe

Winner: Dr. Maura Isles, Rizzoli and Isles, based upon the novels by Tess Gerritsen.

Despite being known as “Queen of the Dead” around the force, Dr. Maura Isles always looks like she is headed for a photo shoot instead of a crime scene. She often wears designers like Balenciaga, while her partner Jane Rizzoli wears the same suit for days in a row, and Maura’s doctor handbag is absolutely fabulous.




Major Crimes Squad of The CloserBest Dressed Police Department

Winner: Major Crimes Unit, LAPD, The Closer.

There aren’t any real slobs in this department, and Gabriel, Flynn, and Provenza spend more time talking about their wardrobe than most women I know. Where do they get the money for all of these suits? Is there a special budget line item for clothing for LAPD?

Best Hat

Winner: Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock.

Yes, the deerstalker is iconic, but I never thought they would trot it out in the series set in the current day. Surprisingly, Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t look silly in this deerstalker as he dons it to hide from the press. It just looks like it belongs right there on top of his head.


Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett from Castle
I will hunt you down in these heels then put one in your ass.
The High-Heel Detective Club

There is a large contingent of female crime fighters who love their high heels. We know they can’t possibly run in them, but somehow they do. It must be part of the magic of TV. I couldn’t think of one book in which a female detective wears heels to work.

Here are the Top Five:

Detective Kate Beckett, Castle

Deputy Chief, Brenda Leigh Johnson, The Closer

Dr. Maura Isles, Rizzoli and Isles

Captain Sharon Raydor, Major Crimes

Dr. Megan Hunt, Body of Proof



The sweepstakes has ended. Good luck to all our entrants!

And here’s the extra squee as promised!

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Just make sure you’re a registered member of the site, and then leave a comment, maybe even telling us YOUR picks for fashion awards below!

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Deborah Lacy likes speakeasies, yellow heirloom tomatoes, and crime fiction. She blogs over at Mystery Playground. You can meet her on Twitter @quippy.

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  1. Cindy Scheffler

    What a wonderful list.

  2. Tatiana deCarillion

    I have to add Jessica King (played by Amy Price-Francis in the Canadian series, King) to this list, somewhere. Maybe the High Heel Detective Club. Shoes are this woman’s passion, next to (or maybe equaling) solving ‘major crimes.’ If you haven’t seen this series, do check it out. There are only two seasons, as it was cancelled last month 🙁

  3. Deborah Lacy

    @Cindydawn – thank you!

    @decarillion – I haven’t even heard of this series. Is in on Netflix? I would love to check it out.

  4. Karen

    You have to love the attitude (and altitude) the high-heels give those detectives.

  5. Deborah Lacy

    @Renni – you are so right about the attitude. I do love the women detectives who are coming to the job on their own terms to fight gender barriers.

  6. Tatiana deCarillion

    @DeborahLacy–I don’t subscribe to Netflix, but I searched for it, and it does not seem to be available–at least, not yet. Maybe a subscriber could double-check for you…

  7. Barbara Bibel

    Don’t forget V.I. Warshawski’s Italian shoes and silk shirts. She is always destroying them while kicking serious butt.

  8. Johannah Brookwell

    I love The Closer, but then again I love most of the characters and shows, books and people mentioned in this piece… guess that this is where I belong ~~ and of course the purse would be a nice prize to win!

  9. Joanne Mielczarski

    Dr. Maura Isles definitely dresses up compared to the hospital personnel I’ve encountered in my day. I don’t know how she manages to keep it together during an autopsy – those definitely aren’t for the faint of heart or fashionably dressed!

  10. Katrina Warr

    I love The Closer and Dr. Maura Isles, The bag would be great to!

  11. Debbie Cowherd

    I love Brenda Leigh! Her bag would be great.

  12. Joan Tuohy

    Love the series; love the bag. Could work with Sherlock Holmes hat, too!

  13. Deborah Lacy

    @bbibel – V.I. Watshawski is a great add! Thank you.

    @Johannah – you have excellent taste. I am so glad you are here. Who are some of your favorites not on the list above?

    @jtmswim – I would so love to have Maura’s wardrobe…

    @cat198 and @debbiecowhered – I’m so sad that The Closer is ending. Hopefully Major Crimes will be just as good. I have high hopes.

    @JoanTu – Can you imagine Brenda Leigh in the Sherlock hat? That would be really funny. If you win the bag, you have to send us a photo of you, with the bag, in the Sherlock hat.

  14. Nancy Keith Kelly

    I can see Captain Raydor in the Sherlock hat…not sure if it matches with Brenda’s wardrobe. However, Joel the cat would definitely sleep in it!

    Still trying to figure out HOW those lady detectives run in heels…

  15. Deborah Lacy

    @NKK – HA! Raydor in a Sherlock cap. That would be awesome.

    I am convinced they must train in the heels. Maybe we should put on four inch heels ever morning and jog a mile or seven…

  16. Kim M. Hammond

    Awesome info Deb. I love Maura’s wardrobe .

  17. Kim Hammond

    I really need to learn to log in before I comment. Great post Deb. I wish I could wear what Maura does!! And that black bag is right up my alley.

  18. Steven Scearce

    Well done, Deborah. I should say that the deerstalker hat is something I’ve always admired. Would love to have one, although I’d probably never leave the house with it. And of the many actors who have assumed the role of Holmes, it is my opinion that none looked better in the hat than Peter Cushing.

  19. Kim Newcomer

    I do love Maura’s style, and that handbag is fantastic!

  20. Neliza Drew

    A few years ago I stopped buying shoes I couldn’t run in. Maybe something about one too many times being accosted by some weirdo when out with friends. Heels, I can run in, but the secret is some sort of strap to keep them on. The pumps Maura and Kate have on in the photos above would just flop right off unless they were too tight.
    This topic always reminds me of an episode of Buffy when the main character is running down the halls of a school in spiky-heeled boots. In that case, the boots would stay on, but the floor would be to slick to round corners in.
    Note the Nancy Drew silhouette has on sensible shoes.
    (Obviously, I’ve put too much thought into this.)

  21. IRENE

    I love Brenda Lee’s clothes on the Closer.

  22. Marlyn Beebe

    I have such an issue with the cops who wear not just high heels, but 4- and 5- inch heels!
    On the other hand, I love Brenda’s floaty, flowery skirt and especially her bag!

  23. Kerry Hammond

    I would like to point out that I would dress like ANY of the above ladies, if I had their figure!!!!!! OH yeah, and LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock.

  24. Jennifer Casteix

    What a great list! And a fun read.

  25. Karen Boraiko

    I am going to miss Brenda. She is the best character on TV since Columbo. I hope the next 6 weeks goes by slowly. Thanks to a great cast and an even greater actress.

  26. Lynn Ristau

    I always shake my head at the shoes female detectives usually wear on TV. I don’t wear heels in real life or at work when I’m in plain clothes and I wear boots with my uniform (and sometimes with my plain clothes).

    Love the choice of Barbara Havers for fashion victim. I just finished “A Traitor to Memory” and cringed at some of the descriptions of her outfits in that one. Can’t wait for the makeover with Hadiyyah!

  27. Melissa Darwin

    I love detectives, I love fashion, and I especially love fashionable female detectives! This is the best list ever!

  28. Amy Ball

    I love how clever you are Debbie – thanks for entertaining all of us with your posts!

    I always wonder about the heels – I can barely walk on 2 inch heels much less run on 4. And how do they never get dirty? All that fighting crime and not a smudge to be seen – ah the beauty of TV magic. Looking forward to your next post.

  29. Karin Tillotson

    I agree with the never get dirty shoes – and crime fighting in white pants!!!

  30. Sarah Hilary

    Outstanding Overcoat on a Brooding Hero: Luther

    Best Use of a Waxed Jacket in a Damp Landscape: Vera

    Most Likely to be Found in the Loo Touching Up Their Lipstick and Adjusting Their Shirt Collars: Scott and Bailey

    Best Bicep Revealing T-Shirts: Burn Notice

  31. CrystalGB

    What fun awards. I love that the ladies dress fashionably and wear heels while fighting crime.

  32. Patricia Barraclough

    Have to say I agree with the [b]Best Designer Wardrobe[/b]
    Winner: Dr. Maura Isles, Rizzoli and Isles, based upon the novels by [b]Tess Gerritsen[/b]. She always looks great.

  33. Karen Arrowood

    What a great article! I smiled the whole way through it….. Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. Crystal Broyles

    What fun awards. I love that the ladies dress fashionably and wear heels while fighting crime.

  35. Marina McIntire

    Very cool! Dr Isles always looks pretty good, I agree. But Brenda Leigh makes such a statement with her clothing selections! I just love her to pieces. And I NEED that bag. tyvm.

  36. Michelle Hudak

    My first favorite crime-fighting fashionista was Pepper Anderson (Angie Dickinson)..I loved her swanky 70’s outfits, complete with bell-bottom pants. Brenda Leigh Johnson reminds me of her.

  37. Stephanie Munson

    I love Brenda Lee, she is such a strong woman in femine clothes.
    Gotta love her!!

  38. Marybeth Mank

    I love Brenda Leigh’s selection of cardigans and that pink trench coat. I also fell in love with Agent Kate Moretti’s red trench on last night’s debut of “Perception,” also on TNT.

  39. Merrily Taylor

    I love a woman who is not ashamed of carrying a large purse! And who doesn’t love Brenda’s dependence on chocolate?

  40. Joan Emerson

    Television-fighting just won’t be the same without Brenda and her major crimes unit on the job.

  41. Angela Perry

    Great choice for
    [b]Best Designer Wardrobe[/b] Winner: Dr. Maura Isles, Rizzoli and Isles, based upon the novels by [b]Tess Gerritsen[/b].
    Love the outfits she wears!

  42. Debbie Dodge

    Brenda Leigh Johnson’s Purse ROCKS! Good luck everyone who has entered the sweepstakes to win it 🙂

  43. Ghee

    I love the closer, and will be sorry to see it end. I would probably get lost in her bag, but it’s worth it just to find out.

  44. Linda ward

    Brenda is great, and she always gets her criminal, and finds what she needs in the bag

  45. Bee Murray

    It’s a tie for Dr Isles’ and Dr Hunt. Talk about high fashion at a crime scene. They are flawless. Well put together women. They do us proud.
    Brenda Leigh comes in a loose third for that fabulous purse.


    Who would not want to have the charm and charisma of Brenda Leigh? I am from GA and still do not have that Southern Charm that just oozes out of her! Love, love, love The Closer!!!

  47. Jackie Wisherd

    These are great winners of women’s fashions but I would also add for the men, Matt Boomer of White Collar for his great clothes. He looks good in hats too. Also the men on Suits wear great looking….what else….suits.

  48. Megan Mariner

    Fighting crime and rocking high heels? Yeow! I’m in!!!

  49. June McGaha

    Women who fight crime and are still stylin!

  50. Nancy Oliver

    Thanks for including Sherlock. Love, love, love Ben as Sherlock.


    Fabulous bag


    Well of course you have to look fashionable while chasing bad guys , but I would need to be wearing flats.

  53. Michele Neuhouser

    Great awards! Tough decisions!

  54. L L

    Fun post. Nice choices for awards.

  55. Peter W. Horton Jr.

    My wife would love that bag!

  56. Peter W. Horton Jr.

    My wife would love that bag!

  57. Deborah Osborn

    I love Maura Isles fashion savvy for what she does. I think Jane Rizzoli’s method of dress and practicality are perfect for her role and they are perfect opposites.

  58. Susan Smith

    This is a fun post! Thanks for sharing.

  59. Vikki Parman

    I will miss Brenda Leigh so much, being from the south myself I can relate to her mannerisms and dress. I do love Rizzoli and Isles, but TV land will be dimmer when the Closer is no longer on. Oh well, back to reading!

  60. Kathy Fannon

    I love Det. Kate Beckett on Castle- even if her fashion choices leave me clueless-(I know, it’s NYC, but really? 5 inch heels?{

  61. Deanna Stillings

    Hi, I have only caught this show a few times. Don’t ask what I have been doing at that time, I don’t know. She really is southern! One of the few originals!!!

  62. Sara Wright

    I’ll miss the closer

  63. Shaunterria Owens

    Ms. Brenda Leigh dresses like nobody’s business, but I could not pull off those pastels. The bag, though. I WANT THE BAG. 🙂

  64. Jean Feingold

    How could anyone forget Cagney and Lacey running after suspects in heels? I’ve always wondered how they could do that and not fall down.

    I’m also amazed at the low cut tops worn by female investigators on CSI. Ok, so it’s hot in Vegas, but to be taken seriously, women do better when dressed more conservatively.



  66. Clydia DeFreese

    Brenda’s clothes are “way-out there” usually but I love her pink raincoat!

  67. Teresa Henson

    I think I’ll go with Nancy Drew, growing up reading them I always admired her style. And I love that bag!

  68. Amanda

    I love that you mentioned Beckett’s heels in Castle. I’m always amazed how she can run in those things. While not a typical crime fighter, I always love Bones’ Brennen who usually has beautiful jewelry.

  69. Chuck Aeschbacher Jr

    I finally stopped watching The Closer, but loved Brenda’s fashion and well if I won one of her bags I’d give it to my gal as I’d look silly with it.

  70. Allison Moyer

    What’s wrong with red high tops and purple socks? Go Barbara Havers!

  71. Maureen Wynn

    I’m far more Rizzoli than Isles, but I do like Maura’s fashion sense. Except for those high heels – how does ANYone get through the day walking around in 4″ spike heels???

    Temperance Brennan from Bones should get a mention on this list – for a character who doesn’t have a lot of social skills, she actually dresses very well, and always has fabulous jewelry.

    But I would kill for Brenda Leigh’s bag! I also carry my life around in a large bag, so it would be very useful for me!

  72. Susan Stehlik

    Your list is spot on! I watch all of those programs- the women are all very strong. Brenda will be missed!

  73. Tom Scott

    Neal Caffrey (White Collar) should be nominated for best dressed guy. I agree that Brenda Leigh Johnson has the most feminine category.

  74. Cindi Hoppes

    What a classy list, you have comprised…
    I like the chic casual style of The Glades, too~
    Many thank for this fabulous prize giveaway.

  75. Pam Furry

    Too much fun…I will miss Brenda…I wonder how she will be leaving the show…fired, pregnant, forced retirement? I would love this bag.

  76. Charlee Griffith

    I will miss Brenda Leigh – and the rest of the gang. I know they’re doing a spin off, but it won’t be the same. The bag giveaway is fantastic. It’s just too Brenda Leigh!

  77. Robin Wooten

    I love the Closer & will miss Brenda Leigh. I think her purse might console me just a little.

  78. Denise Posey

    Sure gonna miss Brenda Leigh!!!! Anxious to see how Capt. Raydor’s spin- off compares!

  79. penney kolb

    I surely will miss Brenda Leigh and her whole crew. Now, here is why I should win her bag. First, I’ve been looking for one like it for almost a year. Second, I am such a fan of her fashion style that I’ve written a knitting pattern to copy the beige shawl collar lace mohair cardigan she often wears at home!

    Also, I’d nominate the inimitable Zeva David from NCIS. She is usually dressed for comfort, blissfully unaware of her appearance, but when she dresses up (often for some op or another) she is just drop-dead gorgeous.

    Thanks for the site.

  80. Anna Mills

    I have to keep wondering if these ladies get worried about their clothes as they work. You know what I mean, maybe brush against some blood or other bodily stuff. And run in those heels? They’ve gotta be good. But I guess that is the charm, isn’t it? Love the list!

  81. Steve Dadolf

    My wife is already haveing withdrawal pains knowing The Closer is going away next month. This prize would help ease the pain.

  82. Jennifer Weaver

    Great post – love Brenda’s feminine style…..a southern femme fatale

  83. Sonnia Ferb

    Do love the Brenda Leigh character (female version of the much loved Columbo – dumb like a fox.) Winning the purse would surely prompt the start of many a conversation!

  84. Malena

    I also love Aimee LeDuc’s fashion sense. She’s in Cara Black’s Paris mysteries set in the 1990’s. She wears couture and vintage clothes she gets at thrift stores and manages to run away from the bad guys in high heels and pencil skirts. My kind of crime fighter.

  85. Ascending Butterfly

    I am so handbag obsessed! I love her bag, and if you watch Bones, I love temperance brennan’s collection of raincoats, her trenches are fab, I love the red one and purple one she wears often.

    If I win this bag, I will tell my mail man ‘Thank EWW’ when he delivers it! 🙂

  86. jason fiske

    Joe Pike…definitely the winner…but like Nancy Drew’s outfits.

  87. JoAnn Hernandez

    Did u say a Purse? I will miss Brenda Leigh!…(sobbing) *0(….

  88. Phoenix

    I’ve always admired Joe Pike’s style!

  89. Jim Belcher

    Dr. Isles and Kate Beckett are great choices. Better dressed than 85% of the women you see anywhere in real life.

  90. Becky Hantsbarger

    79. @mkolb: Would you consider sharing your knitting pattern? That would be fabulous! And thank you, thank you very much!

    Yes, I would adore having a purse like Brenda Leigh’s!

  91. Terri Thayer

    Poor Havers! The TV version has her really tarted up (relatively speaking).
    I think Kinsey Milhone might give Havers a run for her money.

  92. Patti O

    I would LOVE Brenda’s purse!!! Brenda dresses the way I wish I did–fairly practical skirts and tops, though the shoes aren’t always practical. I think she’s my favorite on the list above. I also like how Ziva David on NCIS dresses–so comfortably! But I don’t have her figure :). AND Abby, but I couldn’t carry that look. This is a fun discussion!

  93. nancy black

    I faithfully watch the closer and will hopefully see the reruns soon.. Would love the bottomless bag of Brenda’s.. Now there’s Style galore!

  94. katie spina

    Great list, that had to be fun to make! I don’t get to watch all those shows all the time, but I have to say that Kate Beckett from Castle should simply win everything. She’s my idol 🙂

  95. Melissa Keith

    Hey! That purse would hold a few body parts….uh…oh! Hello! LOL!

    Great awards and perfect winners.
    I love: Honorable Mention: Nancy Drew from the books by [b]Carolyn Keene [/b]

    Really, Maura? Do you worry about bloodstains on those designer duds?

    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

  96. Joan Boose

    After retiring from the military with no purse (they don’t go well with ACU’s :), I need a new look and I would be honored to pick up where Brenda leaves off.

  97. Crystal Fulcher

    Fun post to read, I’m behind on all my series but I love The Closer!

  98. vickie dailey

    i like that Brenda always looks pulled together – the bag is a great statement piece – the PBS series of the Thomas Lynly mysteries really has Havers pegged. Nancy Drew was one of my fave’s as a kid – so she would get my vote

  99. Terrie Farley Moran

    Gotta love Barbara Havers.

  100. Jerrilynn Atherton

    I would love to dress like Maura Isles with Brenda Leigh’s purse!!

  101. carolsnotebook

    Great list. A lot of fun to read.

  102. Sally Schmidt

    Love the shoes – and ALL purses, bags, totes, clutches . . . .!!

  103. Paulette Feeney

    How about a pair of Beckett’s shoes also? Size seven, please!

  104. Susan Pertierra

    How about Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth from Bones?

  105. MaryC

    Love Pauley Perrette as Abby on NCIS!

  106. Esther Whatley

    Fun article. No reason you can’t be a great crime fighter and look great at the same time.

  107. Candice Hull

    Love the list! I also think that Cam from Bones should be added to the High Heel club, Angela from Bones gets most Bohemian Chic and the best dressed over 70 to Mrs. Marple. 😀

  108. Catalina Khalaj

    I really like wearing feminine pieces when I go out, so I definitely agree to the fact that Brenda’s wardrobe has been chosen as most representative of this style. I’d also add Mariska Hargitay’s style to the list above, under a special section I would name – “the most elegant color combinations in conservative office attire”.

  109. Valeen Nielson

    I love the list! I’m a fan of Kate Beckitt and love her look!

  110. Monica Hall

    I nominate Annie Walker (Covert Affairs) for Most Feminine and Dr. Saroyen (Bones) for Best Designer Wardrobe!

  111. Pauline Mendes

    I would have to agree that Annie Walker on Covert Affairs is a great dresser, but Brenda on The Closer has some truly awesome bags…. and don’t forget the snickers to go along with them!

  112. Corey Olomon

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. Susan D

    You mentioned the wardrobe of the police in The Closer. Just think of the number of TV shows where, in real life, the characters could not live in the luxury of the homes or apartments where we see them living with the income that their characters get in real life.

  114. Mildred Deas

    Part of the charm (and strategy as a detective) of the Colombo character was his dissheveled look

  115. Cynthia Willingham

    Love that bag!

  116. Erin COok

    My award goes to Kate Beckett on Castle for her fashion sense

  117. Erin Cook

    MY award goes to Kate Beckett on Castle for her keen fashion sense

  118. carol lewis

    Love her look! So girly which is my thing.
    Also into the
    Dr. Maura Isles look. Sharp!

    This is one chic bag and hope to win!
    pupkake at yahoo dot com

  119. kathy pease

    Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in 🙂

  120. addrienne mertens

    i need to look for
    Kate Beckett, Castle.. where is this? i’ll find it.

  121. Heather Cowley

    Do spies count? I love watching Covert Affairs, and she’s always running around in her Christian Louboutin’s.

  122. Brenda Elsner

    Love her look and the bag!! I sure would like one.

  123. Virginia C

    That is my purse : )

  124. Virginia Campbell

    Her purse would fit in my actual purse : )

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