Cremains of the Day: Sleep With the Fishes!

Perfect for eco-minded gangsters, anyone might appreciate becoming part of a reef installation, as long as all the weighting and sinking and such were post-mortem, naturally.

Eternal Reefs mixes one’s ashes with concrete and makes domes with holes, or reef balls, which become homes for plants and underwater animals. They have these things positioned along coastlines from Texas to Florida, off the Carolinas, up to Chesapeake Bay, and even off New Jersey. Six years after being buried at sea, this scuba video shows how dense with vegetation the Sarasota reef  has become. Pros: you don’t have to pay for grass mowing, and even if family lives far away, the resting place will attract visitors.  Cons: You can’t exactly call it sleeping with all these spiky, crawling things and nosy neighbors, can you?  Yo, starfish, put a cork in it!


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