Cover Reveal + Q&A: The Poet by Lisa Renee Jones

Take a first look at the striking cover image for Lisa Renne Jones' new thriller, The Poet.

Liz Pelletier, CEO & Publisher of Entangled Publishing interviews Lisa Renee Jones, author of The Poet, out from Entangled Publishing in early 2021.

The Poet follows Samantha Jazz, the lead detective on the case of a violent serial killer dubbed “The Poet,” named as such for the poems he leaves with the bodies of his victims. How did the subject of poetry enter the novel?

My mother wrote poetry while I was growing up and I recently found some of her old poems. She has a giant book of them. My husband is a huge jazz and thriller fan. Those things planted seeds over time that lead to The Poet.


You’re a huge name in the romance world, but you also work in suspense. Do you find it difficult switching between genres?

With the exception of a very few books, even my romance novels have at least some element of suspense to them. The suspense element of a story is a comfort place for me to write. I certainly enjoy everything I write, but the suspense genre is where my pen fits to paper and stirs passion in my writing.

I truly live to weave the suspense and thrill into any book I write. Crime fiction, such as The Samantha Jazz series, is where I revel in the challenge of keeping the readers guessing, and solving the mystery right along with my lead character.


The serial killer in The Poet is clearly an avid fan of poetry. Are there poets that inspired the character? Or inspire you as an author? 

I don’t necessarily have a favorite poet, or poem, but the thing I love about poetry is that it can be interpreted in different ways, by different people, for different circumstances. As readers will see in The Poet, there are quite a few poems I used as clues throughout the story. Those poems, along with others I found while researching definitely helped shape certain scenes and the response and actions The Poet took along the way. The research of reading more than quite a few poems definitely sparked from inspiration in certain scenes, and I hope the parallels I tried to achieve from the poets’ eloquent words to my own shine through.


Do you plan on following this up with another thriller, or going back to romance?

Samantha Jazz book two is already slotted for next year. I do have a new romantic thriller coming out this year and next as well. I won’t abandon my romantic thriller readers, but I am thrilled to be writing straight crime fiction.

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    The suspense element of a story is a comfortable place for me to write. I certainly enjoy everything I write, but the suspense genre is where my pen fits to paper and stirs passion in my writing.

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