Cover Reveal: An Extravagant Death by Charles Finch

For the past few years, Charles Finch has written prequels that explore some of the very first cases handled by Sir Charles Lenox. But An Extravagant Death marks Finch's triumphant return to the main storyline of his beloved series, and get ready, because Charles Lenox is packing his bags for America!

In what promises to be a breakout in Charles Finch’s bestselling series, Sir Charles Lenox travels to Gilded Age Newport and New York to investigate the death of a beautiful socialite. 

London, 1878. With faith in Scotland Yard shattered after a damning corruption investigation, Charles Lenox’s detective agency is rapidly expanding. The gentleman sleuth has all the work he can handle, two children, and an intriguing new murder case. But when a letter arrives with an unexpected invitation, he’s unable to resist the call of an old, unfulfilled yearning: to travel to America. Arriving in New York, he begins to receive introductions into both its old Knickerbocker society and its new robber baron splendor. Then, a shock: the suicide of the season’s most beautiful debutante, who has thrown herself from a cliff. Or was it a suicide? Her closest friend doesn’t think so, and Lenox, sacrificing his plans, travels to the family’s magnificent Newport mansion in the guise of an idle English gentleman. What ensues is a fiendish game of cat and mouse. Witty, complex, and tender, An Extravagant Death is Charles Finch’s triumphant return to the main storyline of his beloved Charles Lenox series—a devilish mystery, a social drama, and an unforgettable first trip for an Englishman coming to America.

An Extravagant Death in on-sale February 16, 2021!

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