Court of Last Resort

Brains and blood wedding cake
Will they make it to the altar? Or will there be blood?
Normally, one thinks of a restraining order as, well, something that might restrain one’s urge to propose. Not so in the cae of Theodore Murphy and Nicole Osbourne of Syracuse, NY. Murphy had taken out a restraining order against Osborne, accusing her of domestic assault, but still he—through his lawyer as he was forbidden to speak to her himself—proposed to her while the two were in court, where Osbourne was answering charges of assault on yet another person. Nicole, who was restrained from answering by the court order, had to get special amendment to the restraining order to say “yes.” Then she was taken away, held on $2,500 bond for each of the assault cases.

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  1. BlooBayoo

    I believe the word ‘agog’ was invented for this situation.

  2. Laura K. Curtis

    LOL! Bloo, I do believe you are right.

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