High Pressure Rescue for Blind Novelist’s Work

Pen Out of Ink: Stab Nearby Person for BloodThe Dorset Police Department performs under pressure—the more, the better! According to BBC News:

Part of a novel lost when a blind woman’s pen ran out without her knowing has been salvaged with the help of a forensic police team in Dorset.

Trish Vickers, from Charmouth, had written 26 pages of her first novel.

But when she asked her son to read it back to her there was nothing but blank pages.

They called staff in the fingerprint bureau who volunteered their time and revealed the missing words by shining a crime light on the indentations.

Staff used the tool’s bright light on the pages as it enhanced the shadows left by the pen strokes.

Kerry Savage, from Dorset Police, said: “Fortunately apart from one line we managed to retrieve the whole lot.”

Kudos to the cops, for protecting (the manuscript) and serving (the story)! At the link, you can read more about Ms. Vickers, whose modesty about her work-in-progress makes her sound like a pro already.

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    Wow, what an awesome story…. Love it!!!

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    It is a great story!

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