What Happens When Cops Play Locksmith…

An Iowa City woman, Jailin A. Turner, 19, was arrested after police claim she accidentally locked herself out of her apartment, and threw a plastic patio table at them when they arrived. Iowa City's Press-Citizen reports:

At 12:23 a.m. Friday, police were called to the address for a report of a female banging on a window, according to the complaint. When officers arrived, they found Turner on the balcony of apartment 208 trying to enter the apartment, yelling and kicking the window. Turner told police she lost her keys, the complaint states.
During the interaction, Turner threw a plastic patio table off the balcony in the direction of police officers…

After regaining entrance to the apartment, Turner went to pull her ID out of a drawer when police noticed something else inside:

Officers discovered two potted plants that appeared to be marijuana, with growing lights placed above them.

Uh oh. It got worse for Turner when officers also discovered a couple of digital scales in the apartment.
The lesson that was hopefully learned from this story is: don't lock yourself out of your home if you have drugs inside. Better yet, just say no to drugs because they are likely the reason you got locked out of your apartment in the first place.

Bonus: We at HQ couldn't help but be reminded of this classic from the annals of law enforcement locksmithing… “Help, I'm Locked Inside My Car!”


  1. JD Townley

    I have seen a lot of things as a locksmith, and this doesnt sound bizaar at all. I once had a drunk lady try to give me her dog as payment, and when the cops arrived she told them I refused to take my new dog home! I have more stories on being a locksmith in Colorado Springs

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