Copper Video Tease: 4 Seconds of Revolver, Lips, Eyes

Our pals at Omnimystery News, who brought this funny teaser to our attention, note wryly that it’s “really really brief.”

That’s one way to put it! Mostly big words and names spelled in red letters, as for actual footage of the look and feel of the show, don’t blink or you’ll miss four whole seconds of a slivered face. Revolver, lips, eyes, not to mention some distressed wood framing it and a hint of mustache. Okay, he’s right-handed. There’s also a shout for police.  Unless there’s something subliminal, guess we’re not good enough detectives to deduce anything further, and we’re not sure it merits the Zapruder treatment.  What do you take away?

We’ve been unabashed about our anticipation for Copper here at Criminal Element. In return for this teaser, we’re happy to tease back, because this stingy clip is a bit ridiculous. We sure hope BBC America will get more generous with the sights and sounds already!


  1. Chena

    LOL! As I was getting ready to say that you weren’t kidding about the clip being brief, I was also thinking about how I can’t wait until August to see it!

  2. Clare 2e

    Right there with you! Slightly annoyed but also excited!

  3. maggiemay

    But it got you talking about the show, didn’t it. Made you want to find out what it was about didn’t it? Well done, BBC America for planting the seed in people’s mind to watch this, just to see what it was about.

    I didn’t need a tease though, had already planned to watch it to see Kyle Schmid’s work in it.

  4. Clare 2e

    We’ve been excited about the concept since we first mentioned it in detail last year, and a couple of months ago, we had loads of casting info showing many more faces than we got to see here

    They’re going to have to grab viewers with content, and given that the place and time are also stars, I think they ought to cut loose with the star power. A dilapidated tenement, gin hell, horse apple, something! : )

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