Cop Cars Never Die, They Become Film Stars

Elwood’s got a point about the greatness of cruisers.  And though the Bluesmobile was, technically, a 1974 Dodge Monaco, the latter-day, classic cop car—the Ford Crown Victoria—is listed in Kiplinger’s Top 10 Cars that Refuse to Die. As noted, if these rear-wheel drive numbers could handle police pursuit and taxi duty, even a civilan-model Miss Vicky could handle you.

Alas, they stopped offering the CVPI (Crown Victoria Police Interceptor) for anything but fleet purchases in 2008. Then, as of April, 2011, even police departments were being redirected to buy Tauruses.

We mourn the end of an era, because, until the new cop-rods come with turbo mode and gun turrets, they’re not quite measuring up in municipal bad-assery (or cupholders).


  1. Lynn Ristau

    My department has no idea what we’ll be getting for new squads (when we finally get them). I still miss the old Chevy Caprices that looked like upside down bath tubs, they drove like a tank but when you stepped on it they went! The sheriff’s department has been happy with their Dodge Chargers so I’m hoping we get some of those ( I drive a Dodge for my personal car).

  2. Clare 2e

    The town I live in has some very flashy-looking Chargers, so maybe that’s how things are going!

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