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Alan Williams
1. tontowilliams
For me, not as good as last weeks episdode, but still pretty good. I loved the interactions between...
Mark Reed
61. CaliMark
Might I be the lucky one to get to have this on my bookshelf!?
Martina Lively
I'd like to see how this book differs from the movie!
4. Mark Spangler
Brand's performance in D.O.A. really was a feat of noir excellence. The scene in which he and O'Brien...
Barbara Fish
59. Barb Fish
Definitely something I would like to read!
58. theresajs
this book sounds really good!
thanks for the chance!
52. theresajs
I really want to read this book!!
thanks for the chance!
Gordon Bingham
51. gordonbingham
Interesting approach to such dysfuntional individuals...
Michael Hicks
54. MikeH386
Great article, Rio! This book sounds terrific. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the winning copy. :)
Susan Mahaffey
53. Smbirds
Hope I win a copy of this book!
Jane Schwarz
52. Janeschwarz
You are right, we would all like to think we would be heros if put into certain situations. Thanks...
Robert Grieco
32. RobG
Honestly, I've never read anything by Kristen Lepionla, but sure would love to!
Robert Grieco
51. RobG
Looks like a book that's right up my alley!
Adam Wagner
3. AdamCWagner88
Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree with @tontowilliams. I thought the book was solid overall, and I really...
Rena Sollish
50. Rena
This looks like an interesting story. Would love to win.