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Marybeth Mank
1. Gr8chefmb
Normally, I prefer books over movies/tv series/etc, because books offer more substance. When books are...
1. George L Gurney
I am waiting for my bookseller to deliver my copy of NUMBERED ACCOUNT, Mr. Reichs first story. As I've...
Beth Talmage
140. wordygirl
When I lived in suburbia, my neighbors were all in their 80's and I liked it that way much better than...
Sound like I have another great book coming my way. Cannot Wait!!!
Angie Stormer
139. ReadaholicZone
From reading the excerpt above I must know MORE! I love all the what ifs. Thank you for the giveaway.
5. Walker
VERY late to this party! However, I've been enjoying reading your recaps after each episode. Got turned...
Emma Cazabonne
85. wordsandpeace
Thanks for the giveaway, I really enjoy more and more historical mysteries
5. Steven Trop
Besides the timing at the end of the war, you forgot Roosevelt's acceptance and understanding for the...
Amy Sheets
138. Amiakinza
I love the excerpt. All of the women sounds interesting in their own way and I'd enjoy learning more...
Rhonda Stefani
137. RStefani72
Sounds terrific! I've had this on my want-to-read shelf, would love a copy!
Linda Kish
136. ljkish
I would love to read this book. It sounds terrific.
Terrie Farley Moran
1. Terrie
Wonderful interview. Can't wait to read What Doesn't Kill You.
Barbara Bates
95. BadBarbie
A man only gets one Mother but he can have more than one wife in his lifetime!
133. Melinda Mcclellan
Wow, I didn't want the chapter to end! Cant wait to finish reading this book!
132. Julie Holden
I love suspense. Would love to win! ????
Karen Terry
130. bblol65
Some secrets do cause a book to be good read.
Karen Terry
82. bblol65
I like revenge stories and this one sounds interesting.
Melissa Keith
129. melly801
Knock! Knock! Who's there? You don't even wanna know!!!!
Melissa Keith
129. melly801
Knock! Knock! Who's there? You don't even wanna know!!!!
81. LStirling
Sounds like an interesting story, set in an interesting time period, with very interesting locations!
115. LStirling
There are some pretty catchy titles here. They all gave me a good chuckle. For now, I'll go with a Room...
128. LStirling
Already I can see many women relating to this story.