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1. Mark van Vollenhoven
It is a decent and different scifi movie than the Star wars & Star trek movies, no space opera but...
Daneel Haislip
The only author I read any more. Love getting hooked after the first paragraph. Keep it coming Philip....
2. Marcin
oh no, forget that. Watch this movie without the dialogue?? Maybe the author ought to learn to think...
1. Marcin
Stanislaw Lem was Polish, not Russian, but hell, small difference. Nice article, though.
Sue Morrison
200. MindOverMatter@70
I recently discovered Philip Margolin and am currently reading one of his first, The Last Innocent Man....
4. Ann Calles
I enjoyed the show, but I lost interest when it Walt and Vic having feelings for each other. Walt is...
48. Mysteel Mills
Wow. You really need to do more research. Although mainstream people seem to use the teo words interchangeably,...
Susan Marshall
112. Smarshall
Thanks for the chance. I’m hooked and would love to read it through.
4. Ryan Moore
Honestly, you're being dishonest. Gary's death was woefully disproportionate (he should have gone to...
Rita Spratlen
210. rj77777
This thriller sounds like a must read! Thanks for the chance to win a copy! I would love to win this...
Rita Spratlen
199. rj77777
I love these types of books. I would love to read this authors works! A real book too! Thanks for the...
Rita Spratlen
51. rj77777
Wow I bet this book is a great one!! Count me in for sure! Thanks for the chance!!
Rita Spratlen
111. rj77777
This book sounds like a wonderful read! I would love to hold a real book in my hand! Thanks for the...
Rita Spratlen
52. rj77777
I have never listened to an audio book! I love thrillers and would love to listen to this one!! Thanks...
Rita Spratlen
78. rj77777
I would love to try an audio book and such a great story too! Count me in!!
Rita Spratlen
56. rj77777
I would love to win this book! Sounds like a great one!!
Linda Kish
109. ljkish
Wow, that woman is something else. I would love to read more. This sounds so good, and creepy, too.
Linda Kish
76. ljkish
This sounds exciting. I can't wait to hear more.
Estrella Brown
Just read my first Margolin book Fugitive Can't wait to read this one especially since it is set in...
1. Debs
Nice, thanks for the list :)