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Terrie Farley Moran
1. Terrie
Oh that is a shame. I enjoyed the show very much and looked forward to more young Jane.
3. Katie Myers
Anything with two dogs on the cover.
Sab Edwards
95. binabug
Now I need to switch from cat mysteries to dog ones!! thanks for the chance
1. Polly Barlow
I really enjoyed your explaination of "organic writing" and how to develope a story.
Pat Murphy
63. murphyp2011
Putting it on my "to read" list. Book noir is a great genre.
Kathy Waller
1. kathy1
RE the Austin Mystery Writers Anthology: Kaye is an excellent shepherd.
Anita Yancey
88. rosewood780
It sounds like an interesting book, and one I would like to read. Thanks for this chance.
carol bondell
59. csbondell
I really love T.Jefferson Parker books and this one really looks interesting
Lisa Brown
86. lisalubrown
It sounds great, thanks for the chance to win it :)
85. LStirling
Sounds like a great new-to-me series I need to start reading!