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Carl White
72. CarlWhiteEntry
Good post, interesting read, Mucho Mojo may very well be my next read.
Carl White
115. CarlWhiteEntry
Great trailer, am so looking forward to this movie. Kenneth Branagh is the man, great director.
Sharon Shumway
71. Shellen
I would love to be on the Beach, feeling the
Breeze and reading about Bloodshed. A perfect day.
Jerry Marquardt
107. versatileer
I would like to honor your great and outstanding reviews. Keep up the great work in the future and thanks...
Jerry Marquardt
62. versatileer
I would love to thank you so much for featuring this fine giveaway. I look forward to following you...
Di Richards
105. richardsdm
Love Agatha Christie! I knew they were working on Ordeal by Innocense, I did not realize they were...
Alexander Saas
104. surfcaster
Sounds like an all-star cast! Looks like it's going to be a great movie. I'd like to win this book for...