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19. tas
Another reference: the movie The Maltese Falcon. In the final scene with Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor,...
86. Michelle Garrity
Can't wait to read the whole book!
Sally Schmidt
71. bigcootie
Sounds like an interesting story and a great way to follow the progress of the making of a book. Thanks...
Sue Dittmar
82. SKDittmar
Yikes! What a beginning. Hooked me right away.
Marisa Young
67. Risa
Can't wait to hear more about book and author
78. Michele McAlister
Wow! Can't wait to read more!
Barbara Bates
62. BadBarbie
Sounds like a really good book! Would love to win! Thank you!
Abigail Gibson
61. luvlife4ever
I love psychological thrillers. Thank you for the chance.
Abigail Gibson
76. luvlife4ever
This sounds very exciting and I hope I get the opportunity to read this.