Coffee Shop is Robbed, Responds By Creating Food Drive for Thief

Tip Jar via Flickr
Grounds for Change Charity Started with a Theft
It's a rare thing to know of someone who gets money stolen from them only to have the reaction: “They must have needed it more than I did.” But that's exactly the reaction one coffee shop owner had last week when a thief nonchalantly grabbed money out of the tip jar and walked out of the store.

After the theft, instead of pressing charges the owner (who had caught the thief in security footage) decided to hold a food drive to give to the man if he elected to come forward. The decision created polarizing opinions—for some it restored their faith in humanity, for others it was rewarding bad behavior.

What do you think? Is the owner rewarding bad behavior or are they helping out a fellow man during hard economic times?

Tip jar image courtesy of torbakhopper via Flickr.


  1. Susan Stokes

    Probably won’t reveal who he is…But a Food Drive for others is A Great Gesture by the owner…Our Cafes & Coffee Shops would do the same here in VT…

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