Classics and Modernism at New York Comic Con

Sure, there are great panels, interesting signings, cool video games, and even the chance to hobnob with your idols, but one of the best things about going to a Comic Con is just looking at the cosplayers (costumed players for those of you not familiar with the lingo).

These fantastically feathered folk were everywhere, promoting the comic Red Cloud. We don’t spend a lot of time on real-life crime here at CrimeHQ, preferring to live our criminal fantasies, but it’s worth noting that the proceeds from Red Cloud go to the Somaly Mam Foundation to help protect women and children from being sold into slavery. We’re hoping to delve into Red Cloud a bit more in the future, along with other charitable crime projects, so stay tuned!

But that’s not to say it was all new and unfamiliar…

Star Wars fans are keeping the faith. Both the old and the new versions were out in force. Or out in The Force as the case may be. And if you head over to our New York Comic Con Pinterest Board, you’ll even see our own Jenn Proffitt getting her geek on with a storm trooper! (We’ll be adding more pictures as the weekend progresses, so check back for your Comic Con fix.)

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