Chilling Teaser Trailer for The Woods

A group of young, attractive kids go into the woods and they’re not alone…something is out to get them. We’ve seen it a thousand times—so much so that we all have to wonder why anyone feels the need to camp. We all know how it ends: murder.

This trope of horror happens so frequently that it should be its own subgenre of horror (if it isn’t already). However, overplayed doesn’t necessarily mean always bad. I loved Cabin in the Woods, adored the Evil Dead series (including the newest remake), and thought the original Cabin Fever was damn good. And, based on this teaser trailer, I’m hoping the newest horror film from Adam Wingard falls into this category.

The trailer for The Woods (coming September 16th), written by Simon Barrett and directed by the aforementioned Wingard, is one of the scarier trailers I’ve seen in a long time. Somehow, they made “Every Breath You Take” by The Police even creepier, with a girl singing it slowly—more like a lullaby. Moving slowly through the trailer, everything seems so peaceful and calm, but, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, nothing gold can stay. The last 30 seconds flash scenes of true horror in strobe-like fashion, void of any screams or sounds, save for a few breezes of wind and the haunting Sting of “Why can’t you see/you belong to me/How my poor hear aches…”

Prepare to lose sleep: