Chelsea Cain’s Gretchen Lowell Gets a TV Show

Chelsea Cain’s Heartsick
Too brutal for TV?
Last night I was on Twitter and friend and blogger Tara Gelsomino mentioned that FX had greenlit a television series about a female serial killer. The conversation then went like this:

laurakcurtis: So . . . like a female Dexter, or more like a Chelsea Cain character?
taragel: Actually is an adaptation of the Cain novels, FX greenlit
laurakcurtis: Whoa. That’s pretty grim for TV.  But could be cool if done right.
taragel: Fitting that it’s FX taking it on, I think. Closest you’ll get to premium cable.
laurakcurtis: Indeed.  And FX does Justified, so they might manage it.
taragel: And Sons of Anarchy.

For those of you unfamiliar with Chelsea Cain, her series is about Gretchen Lowell, a female serial killer, and Archie Sheridan, the Portland detective she captured and tortured and with whom she maintains a relationship of sorts. It’s very, very dark stuff.

According to Cain’s site,

The plan is for Heartsick to be season one, season two would be Sweetheart, etc.  They would be short seasons, like 13 episodes.

We should note that before this series was a glimmer in anyone’s eye, blogger Tara Gelsomino (taragel above) posted her own Chelsea Cain Heartbreaker Series Fantasy Casting, with her choices for Gretchen, Archie, and young journalist Susan Ward. Tara’s wishing to see this series on screen was ahead of the curve, but now that the show’s a reality, we want to know your picks, too!

For those of you who know the books, what do you think? Can a network pull this off and make it as original and compelling as the books for a full season of television or more?


  1. Chuk

    I don’t know how well this will work, but I’d be interested to hear more.
    (Also I’m waiting for Kill You Twice.)

  2. Taragel

    Ha! Apparently I should fantasy cast all my favorite book series in hope that TV follows (In the Woods please!). I think it’s fantastic that Tricia Helfer tweeted about reading Heartsick yesterday too. Heh.

  3. LoisKarlin

    Not sure my stomach is strong enough for this (I can’t sleep after watching Luther reruns), but I’ve got my dark side too, so will check this out. Have you noticed that Dark is getting Darker these days?

  4. Sierra

    I love the books–but they’re so gruesome!
    In my opinion, with as much chopping of the ideas, murder-scenes, etc., as they’re going to have to do in order to make it TV-appropriate, the show won’t be anything like the books (therefore, us diligent series-loving geeks will be very disappointed).

    I hope it’s good though. I’d love to start watching a TV series about Gretchen and Archie!

  5. Karen Terry

    One day I went to the library and I saw Chelsea Cain’s book Heartsick. I read the inside cover and was hooked. So everytime a book comes out by her, I grab it. She ‘s great. I will definitely be watching.

  6. lauchard

    Charlize Theron would make a great Gretchen!!!!

  7. deb baker

    I would love to see this on television. I have read all the books and love them all

  8. Revy Novak

    I nominate Katheryn Winnick to play Gretchen, Jensen Ackles for the role of Archie Sheridan, and Margot Robbie as Susan Ward. Rachel McAdams would cast well for the role of Debbie.

  9. kate w

    Nina dobrev should play gretchen she did a fantastic job in TVD as katherine pierce. comment if someone agrees

  10. Ellie H

    This is like a 2012 article and its 2018 this may be a rumor or I guess the makers are sleeping. ( I’m actually dying for this to come true and people are taking years to make it)

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