Cheaters Never Win, and Losers…Get Tattooed?

Fantasy Loser
That Unicorn Could Kick a Field Goal, yes?
Football Season is in full swing. The Rose Bowl on New Year's Day got people psyched for college 'ball, and now hardcore football fans prepare for the ultimate game: the Super Bowl. Many fans join a fantasy football league as the season progesses, but one league took their fanaticism even further—the tattoo parlor.

A Nebraska-based Fantasy Football league made a bet among its members. If your team comes in dead last, you have to get a 4-inch by 4-inch tattoo, designed by other league members, somewhere on your body. The needle is a pretty hefty price to pay for these leaguers, but apparently not too hefty, because, since 2010, four tattoos have been administered. Here at Crime HQ, we sometimes talk about scarring experiences, but this takes it to a new level.


  1. Teddy P

    I would have never made that bet!

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