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<i>Behind Her Eyes</i>: New Excerpt
January 25 2017

Behind Her Eyes: New Excerpt

Sarah Pinborough
In Behind Her Eyes, Sarah Pinborough has written a novel that takes the modern-day love triangle and...
<i>The Lavender Lane Lothario</i>: New Excerpt
February 19 2016

The Lavender Lane Lothario: New Excerpt

David Handler
The Lavender Lane Lothario by David Handler is the 11th Berger and Mitry Mystery where a feud between...
<i>Headed for Trouble</i>: New Excerpt
December 29 2015

Headed for Trouble: New Excerpt

Shiloh Walker
Headed for Trouble by Shiloh Walker follows Neve McKay, a girl from a small Southern town trying to...
<i>No Good Deed</i>: New Excerpt
November 3 2015

No Good Deed: New Excerpt

Allison Brennan
No Good Deed by Allison Brennan is the 10th mystery featuring FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid (available November...
<i>The Grave Soul</i>: New Excerpt
October 2 2015

The Grave Soul: New Excerpt

Ellen Hart
The Grave Soul by Ellen Hart is the 23rd mystery featuring Minnesota P.I. and restaurateur Jane Lawless...
<i>Sky High</i>: Exclusive Excerpt
September 27 2015

Sky High: Exclusive Excerpt

Susan O'Brien
Sky High by Susan O'Brien is the 2nd cozy in the Nicki Valentine mystery series about the single...
<i>Lead Me Into Danger</i>: New Excerpt
September 26 2015

Lead Me Into Danger: New Excerpt

Daniella Bernett
Lead Me Into Danger by Daniella Bernett is a debut mystery featuring a journalist and jewel thief...
<i>Lawyer for the Dog</i>: New Excerpt
June 26 2015

Lawyer for the Dog: New Excerpt

Lee Robinson
Lawyer for the Dog by Lee Robinson tells the tale of Sally Baynard, a divorced public defender who's...
<i>Echoes</i>: New Excerpt
March 17 2015

Echoes: New Excerpt

Laura K. Curtis
Echoes by Laura K. Curtis is the first romantic suspense in the Harp Security series, in which a travel...
<i>Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses</i>: New Excerpt
March 1 2015

Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses: New Excerpt

Diane Kelly
Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses by Diane Kelly is the 8th cozy mystery in the IRS Special Agent...
<i>The First Wife</i>: New Audio Excerpt
February 8 2015

The First Wife: New Audio Excerpt

Erica Spindler
The First Wife by Erica Spinder is a standalone thriller about a woman who may have stumbled into...
<i>Paw Enforcement</i>: A New Excerpt
May 30 2014

Paw Enforcement: A New Excerpt

Diane Kelly
Paw Enforcement by Diane Kelly introduces Police Officer Megan Luz who's forced to work with a...
<i>Booty Bones</i>: A New Excerpt
May 15 2014

Booty Bones: A New Excerpt

Carolyn Haines
Booty Bones by Carolyn Haines is the 14th book in the Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery series where...
<em>Sinister</em>: New Excerpt
November 21 2013

Sinister: New Excerpt

Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush and Rosalind Noonan
An excerpt of Sinister by Lisa Jackson, with Nancy Bush and Rosalind Noonan, a thriller featuring...
<i>Deadly Game</i>: New Excerpt
October 1 2013

Deadly Game: New Excerpt

An excerpt from Deadly Games, Part 1 in the criminals-on-the-run romantic suspense e-serial Follow...
<i>The Spy Who Left Me</i>: First in Series Excerpt
September 5 2013

The Spy Who Left Me: First in Series Excerpt

Gina Robinson
An excerpt of The Spy Who Left Me, the first book in the goofy, sexy Agent Ex romantic suspense...
<i>Love by Drowning</i>: New Excerpt
August 10 2013

Love by Drowning: New Excerpt

C.E. Poverman
An excerpt of Love by Drowning by C.E. Poverman, a novel focused on the obsessive relationship between...