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And to think they can do it without cell phones! These stories highlight the perils of investigation and fighting injustice in times of yore, as well as adventures in the Old and New West.

Frances Brody Excerpt: <i>Death at the Seaside</i>
September 7 2017

Frances Brody Excerpt: Death at the Seaside

Frances Brody
Death at the Seaside by Frances Brody is the eighth book in the Kate Shackleton Mystery series—an...
Steve Goble Excerpt: <i>The Bloody Black Flag</i>
September 5 2017

Steve Goble Excerpt: The Bloody Black Flag

Steve Goble
The Bloody Black Flag by Steve Goble is a debut novel aboard a pirate ship in 1722 and the...
Andrew Gross Excerpt: <i>The Saboteur</i>
August 15 2017

Andrew Gross Excerpt: The Saboteur

Andrew Gross
The Saboteur by Andrew Gross portrays a hero who must weigh duty against his heart in order to...
Peter Tremayne Excerpt: <i>Penance of the Damned</i>
July 21 2017

Peter Tremayne Excerpt: Penance of the Damned

Peter Tremayne
Penance of the Damned by Peter Tremayne is the 27th book in the Sister Fidelma series (available...
Lindsey Davis Excerpt: <i>The Third Nero</i>
July 5 2017

Lindsey Davis Excerpt: The Third Nero

The Third Nero by Lindsey Davis is the fifth book in the Flavia Albia series (available July 11, 2017). Intrigue—and...
Jonathan F. Putnam Excerpt: <i>Perish from the Earth</i>
June 12 2017

Jonathan F. Putnam Excerpt: Perish from the Earth

Jonathan F. Putnam
Perish from the Earth by Jonathan F. Putnam—the second Lincoln and Speed mystery—is...
<i>Wolf on a String</i>: New Excerpt
June 6 2017

Wolf on a String: New Excerpt

Benjamin Black
Wolf on a String by Benjamin Black is an historical crime novel that delivers both a mesmerizing...
<i>The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes</i>: New Excerpt
May 29 2017

The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes: New Excerpt

Leonard Goldberg
The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes by Leonard Goldberg is a new thrilling tale of the great...
<i>Becoming Bonnie</i>: New Excerpt
May 23 2017

Becoming Bonnie: New Excerpt

Jenni L. Walsh
Becoming Bonnie by Jenni L. Walsh is a debut historical novel and the untold story of how...
<i>A Single Spy</i>: New Excerpt
April 17 2017

A Single Spy: New Excerpt

William Christie
A Single Spy by William Christie follows Alexsi Ivanovich Smirnov, a Russian orphan forced to...
<i>The Devil’s Feast</i>: New Excerpt
March 26 2017

The Devil’s Feast: New Excerpt

M.J. Carter
The Devil's Feast by M. J. Carter is the 3rd book in the Blake and Avery series in which...
<i>The Wages of Sin</i>: New Excerpt
March 25 2017

The Wages of Sin: New Excerpt

Kaite Welsh
The Wages of Sin by Kaite Welsh is a page-turning tale of murder, subversion and vice in which...
<i>The Lost Order</i>: New Excerpt
March 24 2017

The Lost Order: New Excerpt

Steve Berry
The Lost Order by Steve Berry is the 12th book in the Cotton Malone series—a perilous adventure...
<i>A Death by Any Other Name</i>: New Excerpt
March 7 2017

A Death by Any Other Name: New Excerpt

Tessa Arlen
A Death by Any Other Name is the 3rd book in the Lady Montfort Mystery series (available March 14,...
<i>The Murder of Willie Lincoln</i>: New Excerpt
February 16 2017

The Murder of Willie Lincoln: New Excerpt

Burt Solomon
The Murder of Willie Lincoln is an exciting historical fiction debut by award-winning political journalist...
<i>The English Agent</i>: New Excerpt
February 15 2017

The English Agent: New Excerpt

Phillip DePoy
The English Agent by Phillip DePoy is the 2nd book in the Christopher Marlowe historical mystery...
<i>Testament</i>: New Excerpt
February 9 2017

Testament: New Excerpt

David Gibbins
Testament is the latest in the Jack Howard series from David Gibbins, who uses his real world experience...
<i>Requiem for a Mezzo</i>: New Excerpt
January 17 2017

Requiem for a Mezzo: New Excerpt

Carola Dunn
Requiem for a Mezzo by Carola Dunn is the 3rd book in the Daisy Dalrymple series, now beautifully...
<i>Death at St. Vedast</i>: New Excerpt
January 6 2017

Death at St. Vedast: New Excerpt

Mary Lawrence
Death at St. Vedast by Mary Lawrence is the 3rd book in the Bianca Goddard Mystery series. Bianca...
<i>The Death of Kings</i>: New Excerpt
January 4 2017

The Death of Kings: New Excerpt

Rennie Airth
The Death of Kings by Rennie Airth is the 5th novel in the critically acclaimed John Madden series,...
<i>A Pinch of Poison</i>: New Excerpt
January 2 2017

A Pinch of Poison: New Excerpt

Alyssa Maxwell
A Pinch of Poison by Alyssa Maxwell is the 2nd book in the Lady & Lady's Maid Mystery series,...
<i>The Dangerous Ladies Affair</i>: New Excerpt
December 23 2016

The Dangerous Ladies Affair: New Excerpt

Bill Pronzini and Marcia Muller
The Dangerous Ladies Affair is the 5th book in the Carpenter and Quincannon series (Available January...
<i>The Spartan Dagger</i>: New Excerpt
December 20 2016

The Spartan Dagger: New Excerpt

Nicholas Guild
Ancient Sparta comes to life in The Spartan Dagger, Nicholas Guild's vivid tale of murder and...
<i>Curtain of Death</i>: New Excerpt
December 19 2016

Curtain of Death: New Excerpt

W. E. B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV
Curtain of Death by W. E. B. Griffin & William E. Butterworth IV is the dramatic 3rd...
<i>House of Silence</i>: New Excerpt
December 16 2016

House of Silence: New Excerpt

Sarah Barthel
House of Silence by Sarah Barthel is a debut novel and an historical fiction set in the late 19th...
<i>The Reek of Red Herrings</i>: New Excerpt
December 9 2016

The Reek of Red Herrings: New Excerpt

Catriona McPherson
The Reek of Red Herrings is the 5th book in the Dandy Gilver series (Available December 6, 2016). On...
<i>The Mayakovsky Tapes</i>: New Excerpt
November 17 2016

The Mayakovsky Tapes: New Excerpt

Robert Littell
The Mayakovsky Tapes by Robert Littell brings to life the tumultuous Stalinist era and the predicament...
<i>Spirit Mission</i>: New Excerpt
October 30 2016

Spirit Mission: New Excerpt

Ted Russ
To honor bonds forged twenty-five years ago at West Point, Lieutenant Colonel Sam Avery leads an illegal...
<i>Skin & Bone</i>: New Excerpt
October 22 2016

Skin & Bone: New Excerpt

Robin Blake
Skin & Bone by Robin Blake is book #4 in the Cragg & Fidelis Series (Available October 25,...
<i>A Terrible Beauty</i>: New Excerpt
October 5 2016

A Terrible Beauty: New Excerpt

Tasha Alexander
A Terrible Beauty by Tasha Alexander is the 11th Lady Emily Mystery, where Lady Emily travels...