Castle’s New Deadly Storm

Next galaxy in the Castle universe: Deadly Storm by Marvel
Next galaxy in the Castle universe: Deadly Storm by Marvel
Via Comic Book Resources, according to the press release, announced the day of the much-anticipated season finale, “Richard Castle,” the author and titular character of ABC’s Castle, is fulfilling a lifelong dream by putting his own fictional protagonist Derrick Storm into a graphic novel, under hardcover, to be released in late September by Marvel, now owned by ABC.  If you recall an early bit of the Season 3 finale, there’s a brief scene where Castle brings in a mock-up of the comic’s cover to the squadroom to show off to Beckett, though unfortunately, she wasn’t available to be impressed.

Nathan Fillion, who plays the writer on the TV show, due to previous roles, is mighty popular among some of the crowd who buy comics and graphic novels.  And, the actual thrillers written by Richard Castle, starring Derrick Storm (a romanticized version of Castle) and Nikki Heat (a romanticized version of Detective Kate Beckett) have been bestsellers.  This may simply be a case of capitalizing on a good thing, striking everywhere with Captain Hammer while the iron of popularity is white-hot.   Perhaps it’s creating the perfect holiday tie-in gift for the Castle fan in the house.  (Will there be 2-D smuttiness between Nikki Heat and Derrrick Storm?) But why are they waiting until September, unless they plan to work it into more episodes?  If it becomes a recurring plot point, will you like it more or less?  Fun prop or crass product placement?  Are the millions who watch the Castle program really graphic novel buyers? (Maybe they should be!)

Is this concept so apart from what you’re enjoying about the TV show (or novels) that you’re scratching your head?  Or, should they have come out with at least one issue now as a refreshing, fun twist to stave off Castle deprivation during the summer hiatus?

Disjointed and/or grasping spin-off, playful elaboration, annoying plot device-to-come, lemon sorbet?

Feel free to supply your own possibilities!

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  1. ScottDParker

    I love the show and absolutely love the meta-marketing. As I’ve said before, I’d prefer that the publishers release the Nikki Heat books around June or July to assuage our Castle deprivation. And I’m so getting the graphic novel when it’s released.

    What I’d also like to see is actual tie-in novels focusing on Castle and Beckett. I’m all for all things Castle.

  2. Clare 2e

    Oh, Scott- If we had Castle and Beckett novels, who would they be written by?! Perhaps Ryan and Esposito, inspired to write, because hey, if Castle can do it, it can’t be that hard. . .that would be META.

  3. Deborah Lacy

    ABC just released a download of the first few pages of this. You can see it here:

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